How to type Arabic in Photoshop CC!

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I never knew Adobe implemented Arabic Typing support for Adobe CS6 let alone adobe CC. Apparently it’s a simple procedure (I learned from Adobe forums : Link).


Open Up Adobe Photoshop CC

Click on Ctrl+K (Windows) or Command+K (Mac), select the “Type” Tab as shown and select “Middle Eastern and South Asian” for the Text engine. Restart the Application and Voila!

للكتابة في اللغة العربية في فوتوشوب سي سي و فوتوشوب سي اس 6 فقط اتبع التعليمات الاتية :

  • ادخل على برنامج فوتوشوب
  • اضغط  Ctrl+k
  • ستظهر لك الصوره التي في الاسفل
  • اختر شاشة  Type من اليسار
  • اختر “Middle Eastern and South Asian”
  • اعد تشغيل فوتوشوب واكتب باللغه العربية

Arabic In Photoshop CC


Arabic in Photoshop

MeFile – Transfer files to and from your iOs Device

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Land Cruiser on Two Wheels in BMRCQ8 Event

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Last Weekend BMRCQ8 had a special driving skills competition, which involved drifting mainly, however a team from the UAE (Bazooka Team) surprised us with their 2 Wheel abilities on a Toyota Land Cruiser, it was quite interesting to see how much control they had of the car, and how easy they got it on two wheels and back!


Blogging in 2016

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Its been tricky for me to find time for blogging this year, as I’m not investing as much time as I used to in blogging and updating my instagram feed, due to taking on some personal business projects and working on some of my own hobbies as well as relearning some web development t00ls  as Its been quite a while. Unfortunately some might say blogging is dead, I say until search engines stop indexing websites, blogs will never die as unlike many other platforms blogs provide searchable content online, and our posts are here to stay as long as we pay our hosting fees and those google bots work their way in indexing our tags, categories and content.

Therefore I thought of associating some of my personal hobbies (Car mechanics/electronics), key learning’s of web/app development into my blog posts to generate new and hopefully interesting content, as well as trying to get back to reviewing some new interesting cars that came out this year. I’m also currently restoring a 2000 Ford excursion, so you might find a couple of posts on that subject matter.

If you have any suggestions or content you would like to share as a review, or interesting things in Kuwait, please feel free to contact me using the (Contact) Page.


AmazonGlobal Shipping to Kuwait experience

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Buying through Amazon and only paying a small shipment fee is everyone’s dream.  Amazon are now providing international shipping via amazon global for some eligible items.  Meaning what used to cost over 20 KWD to ship to Kuwait from the states would only cost around 20 USD. 
I tried them out last week when I ordered the Asus Zenpad 8 Z580ca.  Its a small 8″ tablet available on Amazon.  When you select your shipping address to your home Kuwait address you will see a notification that amazon provides global shipping to your destination such as shown below :


As you can see it only costs $17.13 to ship to Kuwait. I tried it, they shipped through Aramex directly to Kuwait without requesting any additional charges as Amazon states it covers import and duty fees. It does take longer to arrive especially if there were delays due to aramex, but you cant beat the price! I would recommend you try to change the delivery address to Kuwait before you ship to check out if they offer amazon global shipment for your order.

A Replacement for the Note 10.1 2014

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I’ve been looking around for an upgrade to my note 10.1 (2014 Edition), i’m keenly looking for a dependable tablet I can use for note taking as well as stream Netflix and other platforms onto, as well as being lighter than the current note 10.1 I have. I waited on Samsung for quite a while now, i’m going to give them one more month but so far i’m in the research phase and i’m thinking about the new Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0.

Size wise I believe that 10 inches is the way to go, Harmon/Kardon quad speakers are a great addition to any device, there’s only 50 Grams difference in weight, the 2013 model Samsung however has a higher resolution and up gradable storage as well as a battery that’s 2000MAh larger. Hmm ;/ I think with the same price group.

The other option I was looking into was the Asus Zen Pad S 8″ which is a more understandable upgrade as it comes with 64Bit dual channel 4 GB Ram, Andriod L and a 2K resolution 8in screen, although it only has an 8 MP camera, its not a main feature i’m looking for in a tablet.

The 64 GB version of the Asus Zen pad costs around 90 KD, however the Stylus costs another 20 KD or so and its wifi only :/

Another main disadvantage of the Zen Pad is that it doesnt’ have the latest Andrioid Marshmellow, which is a downer especially when aiming to buy a new tablet. I guess I’ll wait for an extra month or so and decide. Hopefully Samsung would have something out by then.

One of the best Mobile Phone Car Mounts – Ram Mount with X-Grip

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Mobile phones are becoming larger and larger, my old phone mounts were starting to become too small, put a cover on the phone and you can’t fit it onto the holder anymore. So I decided to try Ram Mount’s X-Grip Large mount.

According to many reviews I first tried it with the PanVise dash mount for my FJ cruiser as shown in the following photograph (Courtesy of

Panvise Mount FJ Cruiser

Photograph Courtesy of

The Main disadvantage however was the fact that the whole Ram Mount solution would attach to the panvise mount which is fixed using the stereo faceplate screw (Just 1), the weight of the phone + flexibility of the RAM mount only meant that whenever there is a slight vibration the phone would shake.

So I decided to remove the mount from the PanVise mount and attached it directly to the middle faceplate as shown in the following photographs :



This made it more stable, the AC vent is not blocked and the Emergency Flasher button is also not blocked, the only thing that is covered is the rear defrost, which we rarely use in Kuwait anyway. I attached the base using heavy Duty 3M double face tape and so far its been quite stable.


The mount I purchased can be found from Amazon here. You will also need a double socket arm and a mounting base with 1 inch ball. Another option is to use a suction mount with the same setup.

They might be available with Ram Mount’s local reseller Q8Mount (but I haven’t checked).



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I’m sorry for any inconvenience, i’m currently in the process of migrating my host, it might take up to another 48 hours for the blog to return to 100% working state.

Have a nice day!

Update 14/1/2016 : 

Done with the website migration.. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully this upgrade will get me up to speed as I migrated to a more stable hosting platform. I will try my best to improve my posting frequency as I tend to have time but loose focus quite quickly and move from one thing to another. Planning to get back to the reason I started blogging in the first place, to share knowledge, review products and services as well as providing something useful to society.

I’m into DIY, and i’ll try to write more on that, and some of the tools I use.