Need to know where to repair your mobile or tablet in Kuwait?

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There are many options available to repair mobile phones and tablets in Kuwait, some of the well-known accessory shops in Kuwait all have mobile repair options and would come to your house and repair your device for you at market rates. Usually, if it is a clear issue such as a battery replacement or replacing a broken screen it’s easy …

Review: Zolo Liberty+

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I bought the Zolo liberty+, thinking it would be the answer to all my needs, the advertisements online were very intriguing, they were all over the internet like no other. I bought the backer’s edition not identifying that Anker were behind the headsets.   I originally bought the backer’s limited edition Champaign Gold First Batch Special for $109. It theoretically should …

Note 8 Oreo Update Released

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I was able to update my Note 8 to the latest Oreo release last night. The update makes the phone noticeably faster, the keyboard is better and more responsive and im satisfied of the overall performance gain from this upgrade. To get the latest update go to settings -> software update -> manually check for updates and choose install now. …

Great Chance to get Adobe CC at a discount!

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  Adobe reduced their for a special offer, their offer ends November 25 2016. Good time to subscribe for some great Savings! افضل وقت للاشتراك مع ادوب حيث انهم قامو بتخفيض سعر الاشتراك ٥٠ ٪ و اصبح سعر الاشتراك ١١،٢٠٠ دينار كويتي للشهر يسري هذا العرض لغاية ٢٥ نوفمبر الجاري. To get the offer visit adobe’s website here

The One Plus 3T – Worth the Wait!

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I was skeptical at getting the one plus 3 due to not having advancements in terms of network connectivity. Unfortunately both the one plus 3 and 3T still don’t support above the Cat 6 LTE which only provides a download rate of up to 300 mbps. That being said, everything else on this handset is worth every fils. The newest …

The New OnePlus 3 is now available to order for everyone

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The One Plus 3 flagship killer is out with some quite impressive specs, the most (in your face spec) I would say is the outstanding 6 GBs of RAM which is a first in the Mobile industry. Main Features/specs : Dash Charge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 16 MP 6GB RAM Here’s a comprehensive review from the Guys at Gadgets 360. Europe …

MeFile – Transfer files to and from your iOs Device

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View this post on Instagram MeFile برنامج مي فايل يتيح لك ان تحول ملفات من الكمبيوتر الخاص عن طريق الوايرلس.. مفيد خصوصا اذا علق برنامج الأير دروب او اذا كنت تريد ارسال ملفات من الوندوز الى جهازك الاي فون .. للعلم لازم اتكون شابك على نفس الواي فاي و يكون البرنامج شغال عشان تقدر ترسل و تستلم ملفات على جهازك …

AmazonGlobal Shipping to Kuwait experience

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Buying through Amazon and only paying a small shipment fee is everyone’s dream.  Amazon are now providing international shipping via amazon global for some eligible items.  Meaning what used to cost over 20 KWD to ship to Kuwait from the states would only cost around 20 USD.  I tried them out last week when I ordered the Asus Zenpad 8 …