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Taw9eel Disaster

Last night I remembered why last time was the last time I ordered from @Taw9eel, thinking they would be any better, I was wrong – They are worse!

6:18 PM -I put in my order With delivery time stated to be within 4 hours!

10:18 PM – I call, they seem like they haven’t even dispatched my order, and they tell me he will arrive in one hour max.

11:30 PM – Still no driver, frustrated I call the call center tell them I will go to bed its way past my bedtime and he asked me when I would like it delivered, I said 4 PM.

12:05 AM I get a call (I explicitly told the call center guy I will go to sleep now – why call me up at 12 AM? you are too late)

Today 4 PM my delivery is still not here! I call the call center and they don’t even apologize for the delay, they say they will call me back . (Ofcourse they didn’t call back!)

6 PM They say the driver is on the way! 5 mins later they call and say the driver is on the way (delivery guys different than the call center).

7:48 PM Yesterday’s order arrives. Driver leaves I unpack, driver forgot 1 box.. Call back driver to get the third box :/

For me, It will be the last time I’ll ever think of ordering from Taw9eel!

They have very poor customer service (good call center response time but no resolution to my problem, they’re totally disconnected from the delivery dept.). There’s poor followup, no professionalism with deadlines (why state 4 hours if you can’t keep that timing ?), they will only inform you that some of the items you ordered aren’t available after they are late in delivering the items (e.g. no butter to make the cake you wanted to bake), refund to credit card takes 5-15 days which for me wasn’t worth it that’s why I didn’t cancel, and what hurt the most is that it felt like they don’t care!  If I order from work its a 2 hour delivery, because my area is in mangaf its a far area they don’t care about the 4 hour deadline they set, they don’t care if I didn’t have dinner that evening (hence the toast and eggs and all that) how could you be a service company and be so negligent?


According to their FAQs 45 mins to 2 hours.. I wouldn’t have been upset if they told me it would take 24 hours when I initially ordered, and I would’ve probably cancelled my order or got the essentials for that evening from the grocery store close by. But to say 4 hours and deliver in 25 hours its a disaster. I only wish that management at taw9eel get to read this, I tried to ask for a manager at the call center, they said he will call back no one ever did.. If you care about your business I wish you work on your service levels, whats a delivery company with poor delivery time?

28/Feb/2022 UPDATE:

I’ve recenlty ordered a couple of times from Taw9eel and can say that there is an improvement over the post that I did 7 years ago. I’m still receiving mixed comments, but I would say that there is an improvement in the delivery and overall service over the years.

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  1. Wish I had read your review before trying them today. Horrible!!

    Ordered at 4:40 today.
    After 5 calls to see why order was late, starting at 9:45pm, never once getting a call back or time of when it would have arrived, the driver calls at 10:45pm (2 hours after delivery time) and says he’s here. Five calls later and he still never shows up. Called Taw9eel and told them to cancel and tell the driver NOT to come. Five minutes later, at 11:00pm, the driver starts ringing my neighbors bell and wakes them up then proceeds to start ringing my bell and waking up all our children who need to get up for school in six hours. No apology from the company. Their explanation “There’s a problem with your address.” Ummm, the driver showed up 5 hours and 45 minutes after the order was placed. Besides, my house is CLEARLY marked, and besides the driver was given the exact details, I.E. House and door color, next to corner, color and make if cars parked in front, etc.. There are ONLY seven houses on our side of the street.
    As to why the driver proceeded to wake everyone up…supervisor’s response, “I’ll talk to him and refund your money.” Click

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      To be honest my wife tried them again later, even after I contacted the manager the first time, they still messed up and arrived 6 hours late. I just refused to take the order this time. Word of advice : don’t pay via K-net at least if they are late then you can just call them and ask them not to come. They don’t understand that anything over 10.00 PM is late, especially for families with children and that we rely on Taw9eel to be able to spend more time with our family not worry if we’re going to have the food delivered to be able to make snacks for our kids at school the next day. I personally gave up on them for groceries other stuff I can wait for no problem. I only wish there was a better alternative.

  2. I wished I had read this post before…

    I had fallen for their 4 hours trap and that too when I needed the stuff for sending to India the same day!! yes same day!! but thanks to them…I failed 🙁

    Advice: Don’t even try them with “cash on delivery”

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      I talked to one of their managers, he stated things would get better. Lets hope they do. If you try them again do let us know.

  3. Worst place to order! It has been already 5 hour send a half and the call center just called saying it will take 1 hour and half more. There ain’t any manager to speak to even! Poor customer service!

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      I wish there was anything I can help you with, hopefully they fix their service as they are providing a much needed service in Kuwait.

  4. I was happy to learn about establishment of tawseel as one of Kuwait’s first online store but I get more disappointed after every order with them. It is obvious that the company is badly managed and the IT system is not updated. With every order they return some money because some items was not available. Fruits arrive spoiled and the last order was missing 24 bottles of water and after informing the driver and long discussion on the phone with his dispatch he promise to deliver the missing water. After two days I call and I ask for the missing water, they promise to deliver it. After another two days they call and they claim that they have delivered the water with the order and the driver have signed the paper that the water was not delivered. Fortunately I have the delivery on CCTV cameras and I am going to the police if they don’t deliver the 24 bottles of Perrier.

    This is my last order with Tawseel and advice to avoid them.

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      I wish they would take these comments seriously and work on improving their customer Service, as they are truly the first ones to provide such service in Kuwait and should theoretically improve over time, and not the other way around.

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      I think it really depends on the location of the purchaser, some people really like it and say it’s fast, but if you live further than the 6th Ring road, i think you might have a different experience. This is based on my personal experience.

  5. Really a worst online shopping experience. they sent me a defective device and i never used it. they took the device for repair instead of replacing it. i sent it back right after i found out that the item is defective. but for 2 days i didnt have it.

  6. This an old post, but thought I’d share some more recent experience with them, theya re truly horrible, not just in terms of delivery time, but the horrible experience is when i received wrong products, and they were rude to me on the phone.

    I really don’t think any customer should go through such an experience and Taw9eel definitely gives you that horrible experience

    I guess some things never change.

  7. I’ve actually tried them again when I purchased the Oculus 2 days ago and I can say that there is an improvement in the delivery (although I only ordered 1 Item) and the promised time is now within 4 hours, I ordered at 9 PM and received the package within 2 hours. Might be ordering more from them now.. We shall see..

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