Ford Alghanim Truck Tour

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A couple of weeks ago Ford Alghanim held a special event outlining the different truck lines available and concentrated on the F150, the new Ford Ranger and the all new Ford Expedition with chances to test drive the different vehicles and experience these great cars and their new technologies. I had a problem with some of the photo uploading on my site, therefore I postponed uploading the photos till I found an alternative to my previous solution. Still a work in progress though, hopefully will get a fix soon, as its time for posting some great content i’ve accumulated over the past couple of months. I do apologize for not posting frequently, life keeps me quite busy these days.

Here are some of the photo’s i’ve taken of the event :

Ford Truck Tour

For more information on Ford Alghanim’s offers during this period make sure you check out their website at :  or call them at +965 1898900.

Their showroom is located at Shuwaikh opposite to SIRB.

Great Chance to get Adobe CC at a discount!

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Adobe reduced their for a special offer, their offer ends November 25 2016. Good time to subscribe for some great Savings!

افضل وقت للاشتراك مع ادوب حيث انهم قامو بتخفيض سعر الاشتراك ٥٠ ٪ و اصبح سعر الاشتراك ١١،٢٠٠ دينار كويتي للشهر يسري هذا العرض لغاية ٢٥ نوفمبر الجاري.

To get the offer visit adobe’s website here

The One Plus 3T – Worth the Wait!

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I was skeptical at getting the one plus 3 due to not having advancements in terms of network connectivity. Unfortunately both the one plus 3 and 3T still don’t support above the Cat 6 LTE which only provides a download rate of up to 300 mbps. That being said, everything else on this handset is worth every fils.

The newest additions to the One Plus 3 with the one plus 3T were 4 main upgrades :

  • a processor upgrade, its now getting the same processor on the pixel, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821: Quad-core Kyro CPU, Adreno 530 CPU, 6GB RAM
  • A bigger batter, 3400 mAh instead of 3000 mAh
  • A 16 MP front facing camera instead of the 8 MP found on the OP3.
  • A version with up-to 128 GB of storage.

Overall its a great handset, specs wise its came in a good time, especially after the failure of the note 7, and those like myself who hated the pixel for limiting the storage options.


Overwatch – The New Addiction

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Overwatch is a First Person Shooter game, which I came across when a couple of my colleagues at work were discussing group play and their different levels. I’m a COD fan but recently have started to get board from playing so I was open for new suggestions. Downloaded it last night and at first it was a little confusing its not as structured as COD but that makes it more fun, less predictable and easier in the same time. I’m currently playing vs my levels which is starting from, hence why i’m saying easier, but i’m leveling up pretty well day by day. It costs around 20 KD and is downloadable online for PC’s, Macs and on the PS4 (i think). But isn’t available through Steam and you have to get’s app to download the game, which will eat 6.5 GBs from your hard drive. Graphics are overall Ok, they don’t depict reality so they are not as sharp as COD but ok and interesting overall, finding games online takes less than a minute and you’re ready to battle your way through.

Here’s one of the game’s trailer :

You can get overwatch from here.

The New OnePlus 3 is now available to order for everyone

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The One Plus 3 flagship killer is out with some quite impressive specs, the most (in your face spec) I would say is the outstanding 6 GBs of RAM which is a first in the Mobile industry.

Main Features/specs :

  • Dash Charge
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon 820
  • 16 MP
  • 6GB RAM
Here’s a comprehensive review from the Guys at Gadgets 360.

Europe / Asia model

If you plan on purchasing the One Plus 3, make sure you choose the network Bands Supported for our region in Kuwait’s case, its better to choose the UK store :
  • WCDMA: Bands 1/2/5/8
  • FDD-LTE: Bands 1/3/5/7/8/20
  • TDD-LTE: Bands 38/40/41
I’m currently thinking through my options, my experience wasn’t all that good with the OnePlus 2 model, as I ordered the US version (becuase they didn’t really announce the multi-region or not specs early enough) so I ended up having a phone I like, but wouldn’t use mainly due to not getting the internet speeds that I look for in a handset. The other not 100% deal breaker is the VoLTE, there’s no source that indicates that the handset would support VoLTE and many networks are now supporting this feature meaning, the phone does not have to go to 3G when you make a voice call and your data sessions will not be interrupted. I think i’ll wait a month or 2 before I decide. We’ve got the iphone in a couple of months and the Note 7. I’ve been away from the Samsung Note Series for a while, but i’m willing to switch if the iPhone 7 is an iDissapointment.
If you are willing to order, here’s the link to the UK store (saves you the hassle)

Best Place to Sell Used Cameras in Kuwait?

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I was looking to sell my Nikon D7000 with it’s accessories (pictured below) and really didn’t want the hassle of having to pass by someone to showcase the camera, or did I even have the time. So I passed by DD Cameras Store located in Deiya Co-op in the mezzanine, where they have a good selection of used Camera’s and gear for sale and would sell your camera and gear for a very very very small fee. They also rent cameras and lenses which you can try out in the store and rent for the number of days you have a shoot instead of buying the lenses.


Here’s the D7000 Kit I was telling you about earlier. If you are interested do give them a call : 99113939-66888779.

D7000 Kit


Here’s their location on Google Maps  :

and here’s the google maps link to the location (so you can access it easier on your phone).

Update (Monday 11 44 PM):

Forgot to Add their instagram accounts :

Used Cameras : @k_almutawaa

New Cameras and Equipment : @DDCameras

Items for Rent : @DDRents