Blogging in 2016

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Its been tricky for me to find time for blogging this year, as I’m not investing as much time as I used to in blogging and updating my instagram feed, due to taking on some personal business projects and working on some of my own hobbies as well as relearning some web development t00ls  as Its been quite a while. Unfortunately some might say blogging is dead, I say until search engines stop indexing websites, blogs will never die as unlike many other platforms blogs provide searchable content online, and our posts are here to stay as long as we pay our hosting fees and those google bots work their way in indexing our tags, categories and content.

Therefore I thought of associating some of my personal hobbies (Car mechanics/electronics), key learning’s of web/app development into my blog posts to generate new and hopefully interesting content, as well as trying to get back to reviewing some new interesting cars that came out this year. I’m also currently restoring a 2000 Ford excursion, so you might find a couple of posts on that subject matter.

If you have any suggestions or content you would like to share as a review, or interesting things in Kuwait, please feel free to contact me using the (Contact) Page.


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