One of the best Mobile Phone Car Mounts – Ram Mount with X-Grip

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Mobile phones are becoming larger and larger, my old phone mounts were starting to become too small, put a cover on the phone and you can’t fit it onto the holder anymore. So I decided to try Ram Mount’s X-Grip Large mount.

According to many reviews I first tried it with the PanVise dash mount for my FJ cruiser as shown in the following photograph (Courtesy of

Panvise Mount FJ Cruiser

Photograph Courtesy of

The Main disadvantage however was the fact that the whole Ram Mount solution would attach to the panvise mount which is fixed using the stereo faceplate screw (Just 1), the weight of the phone + flexibility of the RAM mount only meant that whenever there is a slight vibration the phone would shake.

So I decided to remove the mount from the PanVise mount and attached it directly to the middle faceplate as shown in the following photographs :



This made it more stable, the AC vent is not blocked and the Emergency Flasher button is also not blocked, the only thing that is covered is the rear defrost, which we rarely use in Kuwait anyway. I attached the base using heavy Duty 3M double face tape and so far its been quite stable.


The mount I purchased can be found from Amazon here. You will also need a double socket arm and a mounting base with 1 inch ball. Another option is to use a suction mount with the same setup.

They might be available with Ram Mount’s local reseller Q8Mount (but I haven’t checked).


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