One of the best Mobile Phone Car Mounts – Ram Mount with X-Grip

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Mobile phones are becoming larger and larger, my old phone mounts were starting to become too small, put a cover on the phone and you can’t fit it onto the holder anymore. So I decided to try Ram Mount’s X-Grip Large mount. According to many reviews I first tried it with the PanVise dash mount for my FJ cruiser as …

FJ Cruiser Fixes and Mods

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One of the things I love to do most is work on my car, its been a while since i’ve written about my modifications if ever, I tend to play around the electrical systems a lot, and now i’ve been trying to do manually install everything myself without relying on garages unless Its way too complicated for me, I have …

New year in the Deserts of Saudi Arabia

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Usually we’d stay at home, watch the fireworks and countdown on TV, but this year we didn’t even notice it was new year. We went on an offroad trip all the way from Kuwait to the deserts and sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, in an area called Om Asher (Mother of Ten). It was about a three to four hour …

The Kuwait “Desert Challenge” Championship

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Yesterday the Kuwait desert Challenge took place in the old Army barrack down in Bnaider (exit 258), there was quite a large number of participants, participation is free as well as the ability to enter both stock and modified vehicles (both 6 and 8 Cylinder vehicles). As I was entering the guy at the gate asked if I was going …

Something I would love to install on my FJ Cruiser

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I’ve been wanting a remote start functionality on my FJ Cruiser for quite some time, I don’t trust the guys at AlZeena Street to install a security system for me especially one with a remote start option, and i’m really thinking of ordering one online, however i’m trying to get hold of all the wiring instructions and parts. Basically this …

Last Week’s Off-roading Adventure

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A couple of friends and I went Off-roading before the weather gets really hot, i’ll leave you with the good stuff:   [shashin type=”photo” id=”12740,12741,12742,12743,12751,12749,12748,12756,12759,12760,12753,12754,12755,12747,12746,12745,12744,12752″ size=”small” columns=”3″ order=”user” position=”center” crop=”y”]