Largest indoor Go-Kart track opening soon in Kuwait

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Been off blogging for quite a while, and at last, found something great to write about and jump-start me into the posting mode again. Located in AlKout Mall, Q8Karting is the largest indoor multilevel Karting track in the middle east and one of a kind in Kuwait. Q8Karting Karts are fully electronic from the famous Go-Karts manufacturer Sodi. They have …

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado – A truck worth trying!

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Last week I had the chance of testing the 2014 Silverado LT extended cab, which is now a double cab, as they stopped the suicide doors and opted for a 2 door style, which is both more practical and offers greater stiffness for the ride and better noise cancellation due to the rubber foam on the B-pillar  + now the …

Non Stop – A Movie that will keep you on your feet!

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    Yesterday I watched Liam Neeson’s new movie called “Non Stop” an amazing story, even greater acting. Although all the movie takes place on a plane i never felt bored and it kept me trying to guess who the perpetrators were! There isn’t a lot of science fiction and it’s all nearly stuff that can really happen, quite interesting …

Ronaldo’s Visit To Zain Kuwait

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Last Week football legend Ronaldo  had his first visit to Kuwait for a two day event that was sponsored by Zain Kuwait and organized by Brite Events. A lot of action took place on instagram on the day Ronaldo was at Nino’s. The next day I was at the small meeting event that took place in Zain Kuwait, where Ronaldo had a …

Bose’s Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – The QC20

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What better gadget to get while travelling than a Noise-Cancelling headset! On the way to the UK we sat in front a couple of people that were very noisy, good thing they fell asleep half way through, therefore the best option was to ensure that nothing like that happens on the way back and I went and looked for  a …

The Day I fell in love with the 911 Carrera S

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We were invited to test drive different Porsche’s in the Sirbb circuit last week and boy was it an experience. The first time i’ve really driven a car on track, and it was great! I arrived at the circuit at 3.30 PM, I must admit i was impressed, its a great circuit! Looks amazing. We were greeted by the lovely …

US Release dates for the Xbox One and PS4

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I passed by a couple of stores here in my visit in the states,  and the release dates for the consoles are as follows :   15 November 2014 : PS4 (in stores) 22 November 2014 : Xbox One (in stores) With regards to pricing the prices shown in the store Game Stop here are : 499 for the xbox …

Great Helmet Cam Comparison

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I wanted to share with you this great helmet cam comparison by SkiingMag, it shows a great comparison in the same environment and under the same circumstances. I was quite disappointed at the noise quality of the GoPro (Just ordered one) the contour looks very promising, I might actually order one! Anyone try the contour ?

The Wolverine – Overrated ?

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I was very eager to watch 2 Guns, but unfortunately the cinema was full and had to pick a backup movie which was “The Wolverine”. Having looked at IMDB and a rating of 7.1, I thought this movie can’t go wrong and will be great. To my surprise this movie was maybe one of the least interesting marvel movies i’ve …