The Wolverine – Overrated ?

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I was very eager to watch 2 Guns, but unfortunately the cinema was full and had to pick a backup movie which was “The Wolverine”. Having looked at IMDB and a rating of 7.1, I thought this movie can’t go wrong and will be great. To my surprise this movie was maybe one of the least interesting marvel movies i’ve seen in a while. It seemed so low budget because nearly all the actual acting locations felt like they were in one place, there wasn’t much high tech and the storyline was very predictable. Some parts of the movie were nice but not amazing.

The story gets a bit boring and long in the middle, you seem to know whats going to happen, and then disappointed by the way it was carried out. But then that’s just my opinion. 

I would recommend watching it at home, not worth going to the cinema for, and you wouldn’t really miss a lot if you took a break in the middle of the movie. I would give it a rating of 5.5 but that’s mainly because I was expecting a lot more!

Has anyone seen it ? What did you think about it ?

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  1. I liked it. In a summer full of many disappointing sequels, this was one of the better ones. It was definitely way better than the first Wolverine movie. I liked how instead of going big they went smaller, and the Japanese setting was great. The set piece at the temple and the fight on top of the bullet train were brilliant. Yes the ending was weak but the majority of superhero movies fall apart in the third act so this one wasn’t any different. Three fourths of a good movie is better than 100 percent of a bad one. I’d give it a solid B.

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