Largest indoor Go-Kart track opening soon in Kuwait

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Been off blogging for quite a while, and at last, found something great to write about and jump-start me into the posting mode again. Located in AlKout Mall, Q8Karting is the largest indoor multilevel Karting track in the middle east and one of a kind in Kuwait. Q8Karting Karts are fully electronic from the famous Go-Karts manufacturer Sodi.

They have the largest indoor go-kart track with a length of 512 meters split into two tracks, an adult track that’s 392 meters, and a junior’s track which has a length of 83.4 meters. As per their Instagram posts :

  • Junior track is for ages 7-12 and can take up to 12 Karts
  • Adult Track is for ages 13+ and can take up to 36 Karts

I’m still waiting to hear back from Q8Karting for more information, but what I can find out online from the manufacturer Sodi, they only have 1 model of electric go-karts for adults on their website which is the RSX and it boasts an asynchronous 6KW electric brushless motor and last-generation lithium batteries.

To learn more about Q8Karting you can visit their:

Instagram: @q8karting


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