Movie Review : Terminator Genisys

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This review contains spoilers from the third paragraph onwards. I didn’t intend to go to the cinema that day at all, I didn’t know it was open yet (Grand Cinema Gate Mall), + it was did and i wasn’t sure that we would get tickets as you know usually tickets are sold out during eld. However, we took the kids to …

Non Stop – A Movie that will keep you on your feet!

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    Yesterday I watched Liam Neeson’s new movie called “Non Stop” an amazing story, even greater acting. Although all the movie takes place on a plane i never felt bored and it kept me trying to guess who the perpetrators were! There isn’t a lot of science fiction and it’s all nearly stuff that can really happen, quite interesting …

Space Junk 3D – A must See!

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We were invited by the Scientific Center to the opening of the 3D documentary “Space Junk“.  It talked about how everybody’s assumption were incorrect about all those objects that were let loose in Space and that even Space is running out of Space! I found it to be a very interesting documentary, which was available both in English and in Arabic and …


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Its been a while since I’ve been to the Cinema to watch a good movie. I think this movie is a good candidate, i might be going to watch it in a couple of days. Has anyone seen it and what do you think? For more information visit the movie’s website on Imdb