Movie Review : Terminator Genisys

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This review contains spoilers from the third paragraph onwards. I didn’t intend to go to the cinema that day at all, I didn’t know it was open yet (Grand Cinema Gate Mall), + it was did and i wasn’t sure that we would get tickets as you know usually tickets are sold out during eld. However, we took the kids to …

Non Stop – A Movie that will keep you on your feet!

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    Yesterday I watched Liam Neeson’s new movie called “Non Stop” an amazing story, even greater acting. Although all the movie takes place on a plane i never felt bored and it kept me trying to guess who the perpetrators were! There isn’t a lot of science fiction and it’s all nearly stuff that can really happen, quite interesting …

The Wolverine – Overrated ?

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I was very eager to watch 2 Guns, but unfortunately the cinema was full and had to pick a backup movie which was “The Wolverine”. Having looked at IMDB and a rating of 7.1, I thought this movie can’t go wrong and will be great. To my surprise this movie was maybe one of the least interesting marvel movies i’ve …


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Its been a while since I’ve been to the Cinema to watch a good movie. I think this movie is a good candidate, i might be going to watch it in a couple of days. Has anyone seen it and what do you think? For more information visit the movie’s website on Imdb