The SLK 350 – The Fun Daily Driver

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I tried the SLK 350 a couple of weeks ago when the weather was still convertible friendly! Its such an amazing and fun car to drive, it makes you want to live on the edge and really want drive around all day! Powered by a V6 that’s capable of going to 100 in Sub 5.6 seconds. It had an electronic …

Ronaldo’s Visit To Zain Kuwait

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Last Week football legend Ronaldo  had his first visit to Kuwait for a two day event that was sponsored by Zain Kuwait and organized by Brite Events. A lot of action took place on instagram on the day Ronaldo was at Nino’s. The next day I was at the small meeting event that took place in Zain Kuwait, where Ronaldo had a …

The Day I fell in love with the 911 Carrera S

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We were invited to test drive different Porsche’s in the Sirbb circuit last week and boy was it an experience. The first time i’ve really driven a car on track, and it was great! I arrived at the circuit at 3.30 PM, I must admit i was impressed, its a great circuit! Looks amazing. We were greeted by the lovely …

Fox, DC, Alpine Stars – All under one roof !

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Passed by Fox Racing mega store in Al Tilal yesterday and boy was I amazed at the stuff they had. Huge collection of Fox Racing, DC and Alpine Stars, accessories and shoes, they also sold the Hyosung Motorcycle brands (Korean made, very well priced). Prices all in all were close to what you get online + the shipping, but atleast …

The New FitBit One

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Yesterday I received my new Fitbit One ! Initial comments and differences than the fitbit ultra, are the smaller size, the clear crisp screen, and the increased number of parts that came in the box. I ordered the Burgendy model (the black model was somehow not available on Amazon prime hehe) . Its smaller than the Fitbit ultra, but when you …

The FitBit One is now available to buy

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I’ve somehow managed to loose my FitBit, not only that but I also lost interest in my health and what I eat as well, however i’ve decided i’m getting back on track. To help me with my goals I decided to try out the new FitBit, the Fitbit One which is now available to order through amazon. Compared to the …

Kuwait Charity Run – 2nd Half Marathon!

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  Run For Good!  Help Kuwait Charity Run Raise Funds for Pumps4Kids Campaign!   Register NOW! Wednesday the last day to register at: – Nike Store: AlBadae – 360 Mall – Discovery Mall – Airport – C-Club Extreme Sports Thursday: Online:! Twitter: @q8charityrun Instagram: Facebook:

Dude at the New Puma Store!

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Last week we were invited to come take a look at the new Puma store at AlHamra Luxury Center and had a chance to try out and design our own Pumas! Here are a few shots of the store:  [shashin type=”photo” id=”15348,15347,15374,15370,15365,15364,15363,15362,15361,15360,15359,15367,15368,15369,15350,15358,15351,15352,15353,15354,15355,15357,15356,15364,15349,15340,15339,15341,15346,15342,15344,15341″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center” crop=”y”]   After walking around the store and having a look at their items, …