Great Chance to get Adobe CC at a discount!

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  Adobe reduced their for a special offer, their offer ends November 25 2016. Good time to subscribe for some great Savings! افضل وقت للاشتراك مع ادوب حيث انهم قامو بتخفيض سعر الاشتراك ٥٠ ٪ و اصبح سعر الاشتراك ١١،٢٠٠ دينار كويتي للشهر يسري هذا العرض لغاية ٢٥ نوفمبر الجاري. To get the offer visit adobe’s website here

WordPress Security Vulnerability and the update to WordPress 4.2 is Out!

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I just received email from Envato regarding an XSS security vulnerability affecting multiple wordpress plugins and themes! These are some of the plugins currently affected : “The official WordPress Official Documentation (Codex) for these functions was not very clear and misled many plugin developers to use them in an insecure way. The developers assumed that these functions would escape the …

FJ Cruiser Fixes and Mods

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One of the things I love to do most is work on my car, its been a while since i’ve written about my modifications if ever, I tend to play around the electrical systems a lot, and now i’ve been trying to do manually install everything myself without relying on garages unless Its way too complicated for me, I have …

Back with a New theme and Mentality!

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One of the main reasons I kind of stopped blogging for a while was the fact that I felt it took too much effort to post on my blog, ever since I changed my theme (which I Loved) it made life more difficult when it came to posting. The front end (the part you see) was very user friendly and …

The Sandwich Bar – A unique dining experience

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I’ve been holding off this post for quite some time now due to working and modifying the new theme, didn’t think it would take me this much time and I’ve been quite lazy recently hehe. I took my wife and kids out to visit International Optics in Plaza Center Salmiya for my wife to check her eye site, when we …

WordPress has been updated to 3.9.2

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On August 6 wordpress released an update 3.9.2 to address some security issues on the latest version and a summary of the changes include : Fixes a possible denial of service issue in PHP’s XML processing, reported by Nir Goldshlager of the Product Security Team. Fixed by Michael Adams and Andrew Nacin of the WordPress security team and David Rothstein of …

Samsung Galaxy K-Zoom Review

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I’ve used the Samsung KZoom a few days now, and I can tell you its quite an interesting handset. Its more of a point and shoot camera than its a handset, it produces beautiful shots, even in low light conditions. Starting the camera is a little slow (compared to the iphone for example) but when you are shooting you feel …

Time for a little mobility with the Macbook Air

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I am what you can call somewhat of a Geek when it comes to technology, and computers in general. I have to have the best specs possible on the device that i’m using, which for my daily uses isn’t really a necessity. I have a gaming home built pc at home and a really heavy 17″ gaming laptop (the MSI …