Movie Review : Terminator Genisys

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This review contains spoilers from the third paragraph onwards.

I didn’t intend to go to the cinema that day at all, I didn’t know it was open yet (Grand Cinema Gate Mall), + it was did and i wasn’t sure that we would get tickets as you know usually tickets are sold out during eld. However, we took the kids to the play area in Gate mall with their Nanny and we dropped them off at the enclosed play area which they usually tend to spend 3 hours in. So we took off to a cafe (Tim Hortons) is my usual choice, and to our amazement, the cinema was open (took a long time for it to open up).

Grand Cinema Gate Mall Experience :
The Cinema was quite interesting, we booked tickets in the VIP area, we stopped going to movies for quite some time dude to our work schedules and not many movies that were child friendly, but this time it was our time and the timing was just right to book the VIP. The tickets cost 10 KD each which came with water and a large popcorn (served inside the Cinema). The seating was quite comfortable and the leather seats smelled like what a new car, which was also nice hehe. The 3D was quite good too, usually it would stay annoying for the duration, but this screen after 20 mins you’d wonder how you watched movies before + you get new glasses so they’re not used before/scratched.


He was back with a bang in this movie (Arnold) stared in more than 2/3 of the movie, it was like a time machine (literally), it went back and forth from different time zones which corresponded to different terminator sequels. It was quite an interesting transition.It was an interesting watch, it was hard to anticipate what would happen next, I did feel they could’ve added more action into it, it was a little too short (in my own opinion) but overall it was a great movie and I would highly recommend it. Do you have to watch the previous versions first ? Well yes and no, it would help to understand the stories better and to understand the shifts in time.

Again the 3D version was also a nice addition (i didn’t know I booked the 3D version until we were in), as I usually wouldn’t book 3D movies as my wife gets headaches when watching them. But this was ok.

I would rate this movie as an overall 8/10 and would recommend watching it!

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