Overwatch – The New Addiction

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Overwatch is a First Person Shooter game, which I came across when a couple of my colleagues at work were discussing group play and their different levels. I’m a COD fan but recently have started to get board from playing so I was open for new suggestions. Downloaded it last night and at first it was a little confusing its not as structured as COD but that makes it more fun, less predictable and easier in the same time. I’m currently playing vs my levels which is starting from, hence why i’m saying easier, but i’m leveling up pretty well day by day. It costs around 20 KD and is downloadable online for PC’s, Macs and on the PS4 (i think). But isn’t available through Steam and you have to get Battle.net’s app to download the game, which will eat 6.5 GBs from your hard drive. Graphics are overall Ok, they don’t depict reality so they are not as sharp as COD but ok and interesting overall, finding games online takes less than a minute and you’re ready to battle your way through.

Here’s one of the game’s trailer :

You can get overwatch from here.

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