Back with a New theme and Mentality!

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One of the main reasons I kind of stopped blogging for a while was the fact that I felt it took too much effort to post on my blog, ever since I changed my theme (which I Loved) it made life more difficult when it came to posting. The front end (the part you see) was very user friendly and looks great! However the backend of the website was a different story, it was broken in every way, the developer I contracted gave me an excellent theme, however they used another free theme for the basics and added so many features to it, they made it so heavy and non-flexible, they also put their logo everywhere! I paid quite a hefty sum, however, lesson learned only get logo’s from designers, leave the themes to wordpress theme designers.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 21.16.42

I’m still working on my new theme layout and design, currently studying web development via using team treehouse and Lynda and based my backend on the super theme – Theme X!

I would recommend Theme X to anyone designing a wordpress site, its a lot more user friendly as well as allows you to build unlimited designs and layouts with minimal programming knowledge. As you might be able to see i’m trying to rebuild my older design but to the better, and to do that i’m looking at different programming videos from TeamTreeHouse.

I’m also focusing on my small business, which i’ll talk about in another post in the coming days. Stay Tune! I always tend to overthink posts, which means that instead of the posts taking me a couple of minutes they take a couple of hours and then with the old backend it took me forever to resize the photos and videos, i’ll be posting more frequently now as its more device friendly, and i’ll be covering some cool activities coming up this weekend, as well as some new devices that are launched in the market.


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