Drifting Supra

Photos from the BMRC Drifting Challenge 2 Weeks Ago

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2 Weeks ago a drifting competition was organised by BMRC about 20 cars participated in the event, and I was lucky enough to be able to go and get some cool photos of the drivers competing for the drifting championship and some of their test laps. unfortunately I wasn’t there for the final timed version as it got a little too late …

The Beast – The 2014 Camaro SS

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  2 Weeks ago I had the chance to review the 2014 Camaro SS, true american muscle, with a european driving experience. Its powerful, a little loud (but conservative most of the time), the suspension is medium-soft (it uses an active suspension system  magnetic selective ride control which first debuted on the Cadillac XLR ages ago, Update:: Active Suspension is …