The Beast – The 2014 Camaro SS

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2 Weeks ago I had the chance to review the 2014 Camaro SS, true american muscle, with a european driving experience. Its powerful, a little loud (but conservative most of the time), the suspension is medium-soft (it uses an active suspension system  magnetic selective ride control which first debuted on the Cadillac XLR ages ago, Update:: Active Suspension is only available the manual trans SS – however the suspension was still quite good!), and the acceleration and handling were quite nice, the car would literally jump off the ground if you hit the gas too hard!

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When you look at the SS the first thing that strikes you are the hood vents, which make the car look aggressive and like it came from a video game!

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The overall design is similar to the previous model except for a sharper front face and halo lights and more confined sportier lighting on the rear, paired with an interesting rear wing.

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The Camaro SS is powered by a 6.2 L 6 Speed Automatic 400 HP V8, and is equipped with a Rear Reverse camera, StabiliTrak ESC System, and a Heads up Display.

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The interior boasts bucket leather seats, more technology then you would ever need, and a different layout of different items in the instrument cluster. The main console consists of the Speed and RPM, the other gauges are placed in front of the shift lever, which gives it a retro feel. For the HUD you can choose if you want the RPM with lateral G’s or Speed or range, flipping between songs in your ipod also displays the track information in the HUD display, you can really get used to using the HUD display, it was also movable via a button next to the center console which was pretty cool. The Audio was powered by the Mylink system and Boston Acoustics amp and subwoofer.  The rear seating area, well lets just say would only be suitable for small children, I felt it was too close (compared to a 2007 mustang GT I used to have, I used to be able to seat two adults semi comfortably in the back which is challenging with the Camaro).

PS: For the photographers out there, all the photos were taken using my Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 17-70mm Lens used a polarizer filter on a couple of occasions!

For more information bout the Camaro you can call them at: 2475 4400 or visit them on instagram : @AlghanimAuto





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  1. Excellent review. But just to correct a small piece of info you mentioned, the magnetic ride control does not come on the standard SS you reviewed. It comes on the SS with the 1LE package, which only comes in a manual transmission, and it comes on the Camaro ZL1.

    1. Post

      Aha.. I c.. It wasn’t really clear on their website thanks for the clarification! – i’ve updated the post accordingly! Thanks for passing by!

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