My New Nikon D7000 from Amazon– At last!

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At last I got my Nikon D7000. I bought it from Amazon at around 1600 USD.

This is it fresh out Difference of the box:

Read More for more info and pictures of the un-boxing and How much it cost me to get to Kuwait!

This is the offer I bought from Amazon :

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This is the wholesale jerseys Box i got from Aramex (Too GOLD heavy.. cost me around 33 KD for Shipping .. Approx 13 LBS)



This is the box as soon as i NEW wholesale nfl jerseys opened it.. You can’t imagine how happy Ra I was to see the Golden box inside :

This is what Crawl came in the box (as well as some air fillers :P)


This is the flash that came with the package (Not the best in the market.. But ok).


This is the Filter Kit that came with the package.. I loved testing the Polarizer lens – It actually works! The lens in this kit were made in Japan.


Here is the Lens Hood.. Not the best in the cheap jerseys – market (Wouldn’t recommend it)


Next up is the SDHC Card Awholesale nfl jerseys Class 6. Great Speed.


The stand that came with the package is also good. Not the best out there but ok.


The following lenses got with the package : The Nikon 18-55mm VR and wholesale NFL jerseys the 55-200mm – Two great lenses.


Aaahhh.. I guess the best thing always comes last hehe 😛

Love at first sight!



I’ll Make cheap nba jerseys sure to post some more pics and reviews Soon!!


About the package i got.. Its good for its price. Probably i wouldn’t go for a full package again. If you can get a 3alaihoum better price for the body and two lenses you should go for ШЦТ that. Since shipping would be too expensive due to the weight from the added items such as the stand and bag is not worth the additional 10 KD.

Overall it cost me about 450 KD from amazon + 33 Aramex + 22.5 KD = around 500 .  The feeling i got when i received it was PRICELESS, and i hope the moments i’ll cheap NFL jerseys capture with it will also be priceless..

NB: 1036 Photos taken on first day of use  –  (GOLOOO MAsha2 Alllah ) 😛 – thagoon 7allalt’ha min awwalha 😛



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