Reviewing The Mercedes Benz G500

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Before reviewing this car a couple of weeks back I had mixed feelings regarding the G500, I know about it what I heard about it, but never actually drove it my self.  It gave me mixed feelings, my first impressions were that I didn’t like how the doors opened or how you really have to push the door to get it shut and the clunk sound of the door when closing. I didn’t understand it at first, but later it grew on me! It was one of those cars that you love more the more you drive it !

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The exterior of the G500 is nearly identical to the first commercial models and similar if not for face lifts offered throughout the years. The V8 was more than sufficient to carry the  G Wagon and give it a boost when you put your foot down! It made you feel in total control all the time!

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The interior is where the most improvements took place, a couple of my friends had previous versions and told me it was a harsh ride and dull interior, when they tried the 2015 model, they loved it! The ride quality wasn’t at all harsh, on the contrary it was a just right not too soft and not to hard.

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The drive quality and dimensions of the car were incredibly impressive and there was no learning curve to get acquainted with the car’s dimensions!

The seats were so adjustable it was like they made a driver’s seat with a chiropractor on the team. If you don’t feel comfortable it means you just haven’t tried to adjust the seats enough.

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The interior was luxurious, although I expected more gadgets in this beast, it lacked the front camera (which can be used when offroading), and the rear camera in my opinion has a very poor vantage point and should be placed somewhere closer to the bumper/spare tyre cover as the view is just not worth having a rear view camera. The other major downside is the amount of reflection you get inside the car windows because they are so straight, so when you are driving at night you would see the reflections of the car lights on the right on the left driver window!

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The sound system on the car I tried was powered by Harmon Kardon, crisp, impressive sound for the boxed shape of the interior.

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The rear leg room is ok, I don’t know why they couldn’t make the huge boot area a little shorter and added 10-15 cm leg room to the rear passengers which would’ve given them more space to be able to sit a little more comfortably. The AC overall was good, but on the days when the temperature hit 50 degrees Celsius you really should have tinted windows to reduce the radiated heat from outside.

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Cup holders ?? There’s one hanging cup holder, and two in the glove compartment, otherwise if you tend to use cup holders a lot you will be very disappointed!

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The G Class has gained a high popularity in the region the past couple of years, the reason is that when you drive it, it grows on you. The howling of the exhaust, the powerful engine, the mean looks that send out a statement! I liked it more and more every time I drove it and to be honest for a while I really considered getting one, one day.

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The G500 Offroad :[shashin type=”photo” id=”3215″ size=”max” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”]

The G-Wagon was made for the military and the chassis, engine, multiple differential locking mechanism all scream for you to take it offroad. Those who had the guts to take this 100 K USD beast offroad where nothing but impressed at the umph and power this beast has when tackling the soft sands or the harsh rocks. This time I wasn’t able to take it offroad, it was still Ramadan, the temperatures were +47 degrees celsius and I was fasting, let alone the dusty weather we had that weekend when I had the car. I’m totally sure I would’ve been impressed and would definitely ask Mercedes to try it out in the winter and see how it handles in the desert compared to my trusty FJ cruiser.

Overall, if I didn’t have any monetary commitments, I would definitely consider getting one with no hesitation, if you don’t think you’ll like it, drive it first then judge for yourself!

The G500 with the Designo package and Harmon Kardon Surround starts at a price range of (price as of 22 JUL 2015) of about 39,900 KWD.

For more information on the G Class, kindly visit Mercedes Benz Website Here.

If you want to see more of the G500 then have a look at the following album  :

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