Which TV To buy ?

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Now is the time for discounts and i’m really thinking about getting a new LED TV for my Living room, i’m thinking about 46 – 55″ LED tv’s and not necessarily a smart TV or 3D capable, and in a reasonable price. 

The Tv’s i’m actually looking at are : 

1. The Sony Bravia 47″ 3D LED TV R500A , seems like a good value for money, its got passive 3D glasses which is also a + when coming to the 3D world as the glasses tend to be lighter and more comfortable to wear. The styling is also futuristic in its nature which is an added benefit

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  1. Get a TV with a IPS or inter-plane switching screen. It’s also marketed as 176 degrees viewing angle. It retains contrast and color over 176 degrees so even if you’re not direct center of the TV it will still look amazing.

    Ditch gimmicky 3D. Ditch smart capabilities because they’re usually slow, buggy, and it updates every week with a 1GB file. You can get a chromecast that will do 95% of same stuff but much better.

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      Yeah, I guess, but it will be easier for me to setup youtube for the kids, I’ve got chrome cast, used it in the states, in Kuwait you have to be behind a VPN in order to be able to do anything productive as all the streaming services are blocked. I’m also thinking of connecting it to my old Motorola Tablet which will add the “Smart” part to any TV i have + i can activate VPN for hulu and netflix on it directly. I’ll have to study the budget restrictions for this month and will hopefully settle on buying the LG. Would love to get the 55″ but its a little over my budget at the current moment.

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