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Looking at the beginning of it and the people speaking different languages from the very start, I wasn’t really hooked into it. However going past the first 20 mins, the movie gets intense and you tend to get involved and anxious to see what happens next.

::: SPOILER ALERT ::: (Dont read this if you haven’t seen it)

The movie is basically another hero saves the earth and dies movie, it would’ve been nice to have an alternate ending where evil would win I think they would’ve had better reviews, it was very predictable that Matt Deamon would die, but they could’ve twisted it a little e.g. due to the radiation the program thought he was dead anyway he lives, the evil women who wanted to rule the world could have died in a more dramatic fasion – to some it up the ending should’ve been a lot more dramatic or at least a lot more exciting, they killed a very nice movie in the ending. Close to the idea of the movie “In Time” (the one with justin Timberlake). They could’ve made the radiation poisoning also more dramatic and how it messed up his life and so on, but they made him superman too soon. 

To sum it up I would give it a rating of around 6.2/10, IMDB’s rating of 6.8 was fare however a little over rated. Its worth watching its a nice movie

You can find it on the itunes store on the following link :

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