The Samsung Galaxy SIII – A disappointment?

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Is it just me or have Samsung really over-hyped their upcoming S3 ? I have a friend at work who would say get a samsung over any other handset out there. What did I do when i looked at the official Specs?

I went on and bought myself an HTC One X! Too bad i didn’t buy one earlier. The S3’s specs were quite similar to the HTC’s specs. I’ll have to wait another month or two to be able to get the S3, and the wait is unjustifiable! Only major major difference is the removable battery and the external SD slot. In my perspective the HTC looks better (the Samsung looks so much like the Huawei X5 only thinner and bigger (where is their innovation – I loved the old style better).



The camera was another major disappointment, 8 Mega pixels camera is similar to all the phones that are new in the market, people were expecting a 12 Mega pixel camera, which was another reason not to wait for the device. The added software features were new, and unique but not a show stopper for me (maybe just the SBeam feature explained in the video below).

Have a look at this video  (so much talk about nature felt a little weird for me) :


What are your thoughts on the S3 ?

To See some videos on the HTC One X, have a look at our previous post.



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  1. I agree I was not impressed at all with the Samsung launch as it was “meh” nothing special. But do you hear anything negative out there at the moment, nope of course not. Because only when Apple releases a mild update do they get bashed and everything negative comes out.

    I have to say I’m tempted by the HTC One X but I cannot abandon my iPhone life! 😛

    1. Post

      LOl.. I got bored of apple, seems like the interface is never going to change, I guess in their next update they’ll discover bluetooth file transfer :P. LOL. I dunno, I decided change is good, especially with the iphone’s network performance in general, and the fact that the customization will be limited (especially if you don’t want to jailbreak).

  2. I’m a Samsung gal all the way, I couldn’t wait for the SIII I just had to buy the Nexus, and I love everything about it 🙂

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