Health Clubs and Personal Trainers!

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Its becoming quite a trend now for health clubs to make you pay for supervision from the coaches in the gym, for people doing cardio all the time its not a problem, but those doing body building you have to have someone that at least makes sure you are doing the exercise correctly and carrying the weights right!

However today, in order for a  captain to help you out you have to pay either per hour or per month or by number of sessions, I wouldn’t mind but then they haven’t reduced the gym fees, and are asking you to pay more for their captains which in some gyms aren’t even half way certified and only have experience. After two or three sessions with the so called personal trainer you’ll find him trying to sell you either a course of steroids or at the least some below the shelf dietary supplements.

I’m the kind of person that likes going to the gym and knowing that I can at least get instructed what exercises to do, catered to what my body needs, no 2 bodies are the same and that’s the same with exercises as well.

Do you think its worth getting a personal trainer? or should I stick to my old routine of getting a list of exercises to do and depending on myself, paying extra is unjustified for me, especially in gyms where the personal trainer will also be probably training a couple of more individuals in the same time. What do you recommend? Are there specific gyms that you have tried and recommend me to try ?

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      Thanks, i’ll give em a call this week and see what he has to offer. I’ll try something different this time!

  1. a personal trainer makes sure you are committed to the exercises..if you see yourself skipping the gym often and slacking.. paying for a trainer might ‘force’ you to attend the gym.

    in the end, its about discipline. if you lack the discpline, get a trainer. If you dont, save your money.

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      Cool input.. i’ll consider it.. Unfortunately I am the type of person that’ll slack off a bit after a while hehe.. Life tends to catch up.. + I enjoy going to the gym its just after the gym and not getting enough sleep is the problem with me.

  2. Honestly, sticking to a routine such as the gym will become tedious & boring for you. Also, your body will get used to the same exercises. I would recommend changing up your routine every day like going to the gym, mamsha or taking up dance & fitness classes such as zumba. Classes are offered at B villa

  3. I have to agree with you, some places just aren’t professional and are just trying on you. I never signed up for courses before.

    Just recently I tried out the new gym Inspire and seriously I was impressed these guys are high level trainers, and they know how to push you and when to push you! Very well done gym with professionals and for me it has made the world of a difference because I am NOT a cardio guy, I like to do different things and I don’t know how to target my muscles and the trainers there have showed me how to do it and keep showing me which is worth every penny!

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