SSD Experience and the OCZ Vertex 4

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I was able to grab the 128 GB SSD drive from OCZ Technologies. One word to describe how my computer feels ? Awesome! I only wished i’d picked up the 256 GB drive instead of the 128 GB drive!

It came with this cool decal sticker, which was as if it was made for the Alienware :


Installation was a easy except for removing 1 wire which (i removed before reading the instructions :P).

For the installation and what to do exaclty with the M14 X I used the following tutorial which was very helpful and was full with installation pics.

The connector I kinda broke 😛 lol

Where the HDD bay used to reside :


This is the secondary bay i purchased to replace the CD-ROM Drive :

HDD installed :

Everything went smooth except restoring from the Alienware restore program which has to have the exact same hard disk re-installed to work! I ended up getting a new Windows 7 professional instead! The whole hardware swap operation was smooth and took around 20 mins, the Alien Respawn won’t work on different sized drives (and you have to change the size of your drive using linux tools then creating  new recovery media) too long a story!

Another problem was the Blue Screen of Death you can see above, this occured after the computer came out of sleep mode, which was solved thankfully by upgrading the intel storage manager. Now everything is running smoooooooth and boy does the computer feel faster. I do recommending swapping hard-drives especially for PC’s and Macs that were purchased in the past year, since they will make the computers catch up to the computers that were recently released.



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