The Art of Drifting

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It’s all about in control when it comes to drifting .. and that’s exactly what happened at the Red Bull Drifting competition.

This is the video of the top 5 contestants that participated :

The event was well organized with Some hot smoky wheels !


It’s a mix of technique , experience + in control plus enjoying what your doing while at it

The person who got all those things was Mubarak Al Rmaithi .. ONE of the GR stars ..

I’ll be adding some more videos please check our youtube channel soon :

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UpDate: Almost forgot a special Shout out to Marius and Bashar, I haven’t seen these guys for over 8 years now, we met at the redbull car park event. So thanks Redbull !

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  1. FANTASTIC SHOTS! Seriously! You out do yourself everytime! Loved being there too, I couldn’t stay the whole time but a lot of these guys were impressive!

    Mubarak from Team Traction Off are now getting ready for the finals in Lebanon for July! He is trying to hard to put together a professional drifting/racing team representing Kuwait which is pretty good!

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