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Ever since I was at school, I loved to carry every possible pen/pencil I would ever need, I’d used to have a large pencil case with all my favourite pens and pencils and would really only need to use 2 or 3.

Moving on to college I switched to having 1 pen/pencil combo pen which came with 3 ink colors and and automatic 0.5mm pencil, which I then also replaced with a large pencil case lol.

College was a different story since sometime you would need that extra pen/pencil especially when working on projects or your instructor allowing you to enter a double sided A4 handwritten cheat sheet where i’d use a 0.1 Uni Pin Fine line pen (like the pic below).


Now with a wife and 2 Kids, I still love going to book/stationary shops to see what kind of new pens that are available, it’s not like I need them, I use a computer at work and at home I have an android tablet (moto Xoom) and iPad and rarely need to write using a pen or pencil. I also used to draw (pencil drawings) which i have all sorts of pencils and tone ranges and sketch books.

What I think would’ve been cool if it was there when I was in College/School:

LiveScribe pens, Unfortunately I couldn’t really find a good justification for me to buy one of those and the nice notepads that come with it, as I won’t really be needing them for work or home, but would’ve been great for me for school or college. I used to write a lot, and sometimes when reviewing my notes i’d try to remember what the instructor said and couldn’t (especially in calculus lol). The ability to have a soft-copy of all your note would also save you, especially when your note goes missing before an exam, and you wouldn’t really need to type out your notes in a computer either.

I’m starting to think I need one hehehe.. What Do you think ?




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  1. Trust me you’re not alone in this hehe I still have an infatuation with pens hehe colored ones and others. My favorite are fountain pens 😛

  2. I’m obssessed with pens and pencils! I have a lot of them, some from Germany, some from Japan, special pencils which have oversized leads!

    I like to draw a lot too so I end up using all kinds of pencils and pens to come up with some strange and weird drawings! lol!

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