Review: Zolo Liberty+

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I bought the Zolo liberty+, thinking it would be the answer to all my needs, the advertisements online were very intriguing, they were all over the internet like no other. I bought the backer’s edition not identifying that Anker were behind the headsets.


I originally bought the backer’s limited edition Champaign Gold First Batch Special for $109. It theoretically should have had a Carbon fiber case but at their 18th project update they gave us the bad news :

“We have also finalized the design for the champagne gold version, however we’ve had to remove the carbon fiber texture from the charging case. We were unable to predict the complications of applying fiber texture to a curved surface. This was an extremely regrettable oversight on our part. We believe it’s better to remove the carbon fiber texture from the design to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality product. “

So I ended up getting a headset very similar to what they are offering for everyone, with a simple color difference in the logo and the case logo and $35 less, which is ok, but not for a backer’s edition.

Now for the pros :

  • Excellent battery life (better than AirPods)
  • Very good music sound quality and good base compared to apple AirPods.
  • Good ear fitment with multiple tips for different ear sizes.
  • Charging case has  3 LED charge level indicators
  • Good noise cancelling but feels more like having ear plugs in your ears.

The Cons :

  • Voice calls and1 headset mode can only be made using the right earpiece and !!! – This was a huge disappointment as they never mentioned it on the kickstarter page only in the FAQ’s “Only the right earpiece will work independently.” and  “All sound is delivered in stereo apart from phone calls and smart assistants”. These FAQ’s I only read after trying to figure out why the left earpiece is not working. ! I usually use the left earpiece stand alone especially if someone is riding in the car with me.
  • Charging case is large and is quite bulky
  • Noise cancelling transparency feature is a disgrace! Its like walking around with noise cancelling headphones connected to microphones which amplify surrounding volume, nothing like Bose’s noise cancelling bypass feature.
  • Button actions aren’t very user intuitive and you’ll go back to the manual a coupe of times.

In my personal opinion had I known all of this I probably wouldn’t have purchased the headset and wouldn’t recommend them.

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