My Negative Offline Experience with ONCOST’s online grocery store

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2 Weeks ago I decided to try out ONCOST’s online website I was tired and couldn’t fathom the idea of going to buy groceries, so I went online and looked for different grocery stores to buy from. Having visited ONCOST’s physical branches and thinking they weren’t bad, and they have just launched their website, which isn’t bad at all and ticked all the correct boxes of we’re trying to do things right (except their add to cart animation effect that’s ridiculously slow btw) their online experience was what you would expect and quite good. However, the unfortunate side of things was when I decided to pay via KNET because today 14 days later I still haven’t received a refund for the order that ONCOST never sent.

I called them up on my scheduled delivery time, and the clerk answered and said we don’t currently have the ONCOST tissue I need to speak to my manager because you already paid online, and the order is just pending the tissue. I was like add anything instead I need my order today, I’m out of baby diapers which I need ASAP and you’re 1 hour late. Half an hour later I call, they never call back and he says the manager is out and I cannot ship your order today due to the missing item “Ma3laish” (the Arabic word for its OK) we’ll send it tomorrow.  What is the point of scheduling shipping appointments a day before and having a well-designed system if the person’s handling the system don’t care if the items are shipped out ONTIME or not? In my case they were way over their due time, never called to apologize and completely ignored my needs which were Milk and Diapers at that specific time, I ended up calling the clerk up which is a disaster as no one answer’s the phone and there is no one call center to handle customer complaints you have to call each store individually and ask for the eCommerce clerk (which sometimes never picks up as he’s one person only) which is totally a negative experience and ONCOST’s  management wouldn’t know if there are issues with customer or be able to identify area’s of improvement.

I keep sending emails, and made 2 phone calls, no one answers. Most probably will give them 2 more days before heading off to report them to consumer protection. But so far my experience was very bad, I’m not sure if it’s related to a specific branch (Fahaheel in my case) or it’s the same all around. What are your experiences?

I hope this message get’s to the management at ONCOST and that they take my points into consideration to improve their online services, their website ticks all the right boxes but their logistics and their offline support would kill any chances of it being successful (this is based on my personal experience with my personal views based on my experiences).

Did anyone try ONCOST’s online website? What were your thoughts?


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