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Golden Sun Technical Inspection and MOI Approved Vehicle registration renewal center (image Courtesy of

Golden Sun is a garage located behind Safat Alghanim in AlRai, it used to be a technical car inspection company where you would take a car to be inspected before buying. 2 Years or 1.5 years ago they got the licence that allows them to do approved MOI car inspection and registration. Its a small garage/area but for me it’s usually less crowded and it means I can take my car for inspection after work!

The cost is around 19.5 KD for the Insurance, 10 KD for the office and a 5 KD stamp for the MOI. In total the amount you are paying extra is 10 KD which goes to the processing fees. But it a one stop shop, you park your car and then simply wait till the registration is complete. Unfortunately yesterday I was told my 30% heat shield window tint amounted to 65% in total, as my car windows already are pre-tinted and I had to remove it in order to get my registration. The nice thing was the inspection guy from the MOI explained it clearly, I removed it, he signed the document and voila, 10 minutes later I got the registration.

The whole process took about 45 mins to an hour, seating area is a little small but overall its an OK experience, and I would recommend going to them. With my FJ cruiser they didn’t tell me to remove my larger tires or my window tinting (which was legal), I only had to remove the front LED offroad light I had. So overall its a positive experience I would rate it at 3/5 (a larger seating area would be a lot preferable and I think 10 KD is overpriced for a glass of tea and air-conditioned place + they call out your name twice, payment process should be only one time instead of twice and this time one of the agents didn’t want to walk and asked me to go get the new registration from the upper floor – I didn’t realize it only after I left!), Lesson learned, always take your invoice from the tinting shop let them mention 30% on the invoice, if you get a ticket go to the shop and let them take it off and replace it with something lighter! I’ll be changing my wife’s tint to Lumar which has a 78% light admittance and one of the best heat shield percentages out there in the market. I’ll be writing a post in a couple of days regarding how to order your window tint online to save $$$.


The Location of Golden Sun Inspection Center is :

Golden Sun Car Inspection
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Telephone:  24729999


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  1. they are fraud, they are taking extra kd 10 and also not passing the vehicle. dont go there and instead go directly to your area for passing.

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    1. I’m not affiliated with the car insurance company I just write about them, please contact them directly. But to renew your registration after renewing the insurance you have to visit the MOI.

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