Cash Back Programs that Rip you OFF!

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A couple of days ago I was going through some local websites to buy TVs, one of the websites which didn’t have a promotion apparently increased the prices for a new cash back promotion, and the price increased overall from 229.900 to 299.9 KWD with a 25 KD Cash Back! ? ? ? ? ?

Blink Price Change

The New Price after the Increase

Whereas last time’s offer was, this was only 3 days ago: 

The Older Cheaper Price

I’m sure blink don’t have anything to do with it, but they shouldn’t allow an increase in price just to have a cash back promotion with an increase in price instead of decrease in price!!!! That’s one TV company i’m not going to buy from and one website i’ll check twice before clicking on buy!!

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  1. Seems pretty good offer, SONY as a brand considerably is one of the best quality motion and SCREEN pictures I have dealt with, above model I believe its a new model because I have not it seen yet, except few days ago in Eureka, Lulu, Carrefour, and other retailers with the same concept – “CASH BACK” with Selling Price @ 299.900 KD and you get CASH BACK 25 KD .. sounds good offer !!! Getting SONY BRAVIA LED 3D for 275 KD is a good deal!!

    I Have went through site details, features of it is AMAZING,

    You can have stored media and apps on TV with Smartphone Ready BRAVIA with MHL – TV that’s made for your smartphone and Photo frame mode PLUS Multiple HDMI and USB inputs, along with SONY SYNC smart tool.

    3D in SONY is cool, last time I bought my TV from SONY, comes with 3D glasses – Enjoyable viewing Angle and DOLBY DIGITAL system.

    Thank you for sharing, I am buying one TODAY 🙂 !!!

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      Hamad, Thats not a point of the post. If you read on you will understand that the price was 230 KWD now its 299!!!!! They have increased their prices so that they can give you a cash back offer, but ultimately you will be paying 274 instead of 230!! it might be a good TV but in my opinion its a rip-off.. With the 275 KD price i can pay a little more for the LG 47″ smart and 3D capable TV.

    2. No it doesn’t sound like a good offer because KD299 minus KD25 is KD274 which is KD49 MORE expensive than the price it was selling 2 days ago. Jeez your comment is such an obvious Sony advert. This has to be the worst ever response from a company since Benihana.

  2. Called thier customer support and the price shown meant for other previous model and got discontinued ..the one with cash back is the latest model and have offer for it with cash back ….went to compare prices found out that all sony screens AV are standardized everywhere ..price protection policy ..set by sony …check out the 84″ 4k ….pretty cool …

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      As you can see on the screen shots both screens are exactly the same model number.. :/ I dont know why you are defendong them so much.. I just wanted people to know that a company cant just overnight add 60 kd to a price of a tv and if they are advertising through another site they should really keep a better eye on things..

      1. He’s defending them because it sounds like Hamad works for Sony.

        The screens are both the same model and it was previously being sold for KD230. I’ve already forwarded the link to my contact at Blink so hopefully they’ll be getting to the bottom of this soon.

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          1. Hi Mark,

            I am not defending anyone nor supporting and advertisement for anyone, this is my personal preference towards my purchase experiences in the past, having bought before SONY LCD 40 inch few years back and compared it with Samsung TV’s .. in most models contrast for other brands are 80K, while before deciding buying SONY LCD, it was back then 120K, … Now, with reference to Dude point of view, I called in myself because I wanted to have that deal which was posted at 230 KD, and asked what happened prices changed over short period probably hours, and the response I got were that the Date listed on this particular model were meant for a previous model older version of SONY series LCD KDL-46S5100, which were discontinued since LED now are becoming latest Versions along with OLED now is starting to kick off lately thought different brands … there where the confusion happens, price stayed the same and the description were changed, therefore they made the amendments according to DATA given by SONY Agent Kuwait. Tried to look for a cheaper price on SONY R500 ED FULL HD, across different retailers today, to see if I can pull out a good deal, seems all of them are in the same range!! I have also, checked out LG NEW smart tv 47 inch, it was selling around 280 KD, one thing I hesitated to see is that LG products are now mostly manufactured in China, rather than Made in Korea.

            So, if you came across any good offers for year end please share it with us in your blog, since I want to get larger screen LED replacing my older one for my PlayStation 4 , lol .. ..

          2. I contacted a friend at Sony and no one from their TV department is posting here so my guess now is that this is someone from Blink pretending to be a customer. If it is then this is extremely unprofessional and not how you deal with a situation like this.

            Based on the amount of details given by Hamad no way is he just a customer. He’s going way out of his way with full market research analysis just to clear blink.

  3. total rip off that’s one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen for both online delivery and deals, I Never think of buying anything from them even if it was needed for an urgent matter or any other electronics emergency! when I started comparing prices between other local websites and stores too I found out they actually sell above the ceiling price sometimes more than 50 or 100% .. even their promotion and ads are a scam.

    source: me … was browsing for a week now and been doing lots of research for boxing day shopping and after Christmas black friday deals.

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      I don’t really agree with you, I really like blink, and most of their offers are genuinly good, however i’m just saying we should be more careful before pressing the BUY button. But most of thier goods and services are adequately priced, you can’t compare their prices to amazon, but for some items it will cost you even more to get them online, as you have to pay a huge amount for shipping.

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  4. Mark,

    Simply, it’s not fair to accuse someone who shared his personal selection on a product or a brand, this is my personal opinion only… like I said i am into other things which have nothing to do with blink and/or SONY, i love technology and keep reading on it throughout different sites blogs, etc… plus check new deals and offers from local retailers before making a purchase … so, kindly please do not judge and accuse others where you do not know them in person!!!

    My comments are clear enough for someone to determine what and what not are good offers in the market. Dude start off headline, was what to buy for A TV, that’s why i had to share my personal opinion on it , other than that …i am not defending anyone …

  5. Hi

    I am from Blink. I will tell you what happened. We started listing Sony products last week. The price 229 was a typo mistake by one of our data entry guy and it was corrected after a few hours.

    We apologies for that and will be more careful in displaying prices in future

    Sorry again

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