Broken Windshield due to bad roads!!!

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I don’t know if its because my FJ cruiser’s windshield is too steep, these days on Fahaheel road, I keep getting hit buy flying stones, there’s a map drawn on my Windshield now, and somewhere after the 6th ring road, right after the Adan Bridge, there’s something wrong with the road it gets very very dusty and rocks are everywhere, its like the road’s top layer has fell apart. I only travel by it on my way home and its usually dark so its not feasible to take a photo. I’ll try to take a photo for you to see tomorrow. Apparently there was a car accident and that lead to the road being damaged, but I don’t seem to understand why they can’t clean it up! It’s both dangerous and really damages our cars + there’s no way to avoid getting hit!


The map illustrates the location, its the road going towards fahaheel, if you have a nice car, or really love your car, don’t drive there on non-fully blocked times, as other cars will cause the debris to fly around and break things.  :/ i hope they fix it asap, to avoid that i add 17 mins to my route home :/ . You would imagine it wouldn’t happen in a country like Kuwait – But in reality its there!

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  1. I do travel on the same road everyday morning. These flying stones hit the car windshields so bad feels like the windshield might break at that time. You are right Mark the top layer of this road is gone and causes the traffic to slow down at this point for unnecessary reason . Hope someone from the authorities read this blog.

    Thank you for getting this issue in notice.

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