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Its been about a year since i’ve stopped dieting and i’ve put on about 11 KG’s above my ideal weight :/ About 3 weeks ago while shopping in Bahrain, I decided that in order for me to look good in the clothes I would have to change my attitdue towards my body and start eating better and loosing weight, as well as eventually hitting the gym!

I started the Dukan Diet again, although I didn’t continue 100% with it last time, its results were very good with me and i’ve lost a good amount of weight in a short period of time. Time for some serious dieting next week and the week after and I should reach my ultimate weight, which I will bypass by 1.5 kg’s so that when I start the gym I can gain extra weight for muscle.

For those of you who don’t know the Dukan Diet its basically a diet with a number of phases. This following video by Dr. Pierre Dukan illustrates the Dukan Diet Concept.

I’m currently on the cruise phase, can’t wait to get to the consolidaton phase. Its quite a challenge, but today i’m challenging one of my friends who’s taking an easy way out via liposuction, our challenge date is in June 2014. I love challenges, and this will help me get to my target weight and body shape by June 2014.

I’ve actually subscribed to the Dukan Diet program, i’ll share with you more information about their website in a future post! if you have good self control, and need to loose weight, I would recommend you check out the Dukan Diet.

For more information on the Dukan Diet, click here.

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