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If you’ve ever been to the website, you wont be able to wait to get your hands on PlastiDip. Sold at ACE Hardware for 3.150 KWD, PlastiDip allows you to temporarily touch up your car as you desire :D, Its like plastic spray based foil.

I decided to blackout all the emblems in the  FJ Cruiser, I thought they’ll look better in black, and if I didn’t like them i can simply remove it later!

First I started off by isolating the painting area.

Then applied one layer at a time with about 20 mins in between.

After all the layers are dried, i removed the paper and peeled off the plastidip (have a look at the video below you’ll know what i mean).

Next I was very careful (not really but you should be) about peeling out the parts that are inside the emblem.

Finally did the same for the other side (You’d want to do them all at the same time so you wont wait forever. )

This is the final look of the car from the Rear :

What do you guys think ?

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