You MUST know this before you order the iPhone 5!

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If you haven’t ordered it by now, it would be important for you to know that there are 3 different models to choose from. One GSM models and one CDMA  + GSM combination.

The one that will work in Asia and Kuwait would be the A1429 GSM Model (+ future LTE compatibility maybe  -the A1428 USA (GSM and LTE) would work on GSM but not maybe not LTE – future network to be available in Kuwait) !  However the only thing is that it is not clear how to differentiate between the two models when ordering, especially if you are ordering from the UK store.

I would recommend calling them up to verify that the model is the A1429 GSM version (not CDMA). I would also recommend waiting to hear more from the local carriers, as it would not be wise to invest in handsets that would not support the LTE network that would be available in the coming months in Kuwait (Hopefully). 

I didn’t order it yet and decided to wait to try it out. Not ready to part with my HTC One X yet. 

Price wise? Its not very wise to buy it from the UK apple store since you’ll be paying 100 GBP in VAT which i feel is too much and adds an extra 40 KD to the price of the phone.  Is there any other store you tried buying from ? I hear Hong Kongs apple store are the cheapest, but we would need a HK mail forwarding company. Did anyone try buying from there? 


A great article on the different iPhone 5 Versions:


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  1. Ummm you need to re-read your post a bit hehe as there are some incoherent thoughts there but I agree with the information provided there are 3 models available 2 GSM models and 1 CDMA.

    US & Canada are sharing one model which happens to be the GSM model
    UK & European countries are functioning on the other GSM model which is in fact the A1429 version functioning on the bands 850, 900, 1900, and 2100 MHz. That model will work perfectly with Kuwait if and when we get the LTE networks.

    CDMA models are the ones used with Locked networks such as Verizon & Sprint so one shouldnt purchase it.

    One should also refrain from purchasing any unlocked phone from the US as it will simply not work on our GSM networks and if it does then the LTE will definitely not work at all. Granted that prices are cheaper there but still not compatible, any European unlocked GSM model will definitely work. Not sure about the Chinese models or Japanese.

    Yes it may be expensive but in the end that’s the price you would pay for new technology and the expensive exchange rates available.

  2. Hi,

    Just one question? Why wouldn’t they specifiy the appropriate band for the appropriate phone? I mean go and try to purchase iphone with at&T contract for example and you will get a GSm mode for the 2 typess you mentioned. I thought all iphones are the same and its the gsm network that choose what they iphone choose to be. Watch the vidoe when inthe conmercial when they said they merged the CDMA and the LTE chip together, diesnt that apply to al iphones?

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      Different carriers around the world use different bands. GSM should theoretically work whichever version you buy (not the CDMA version of course), however with LTE it depends on the carriers and LTE isn’t released by the carriers yet, thats why its a little difficult to say 100% which one to get.

    2. Just called Apple USA, They told me the following ” the unlocked GSM iphone support both gsm types and that will dePend on the carrier only.

      Case solved 🙂

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    3. Hi :),

      I guess i was still asleep . U r right 3 iphones :s pardon my misunderstanding . Just contacted VIVA , they are not sure what is the band number of their LTE. However I know sombody in Hauwawi and will ask him about that


  3. So,
    I spoke to the guy and he told me the following. the supported frequencies are 1800MHz and 2100MHz and this means you have to buy UK iPhone :
    Model A1429
    (GSM model)

    1 (2100 MHz)
    3 (1800 MHz)
    5 (850 MHz)

    Deutsche Telekom
    United Kingdom
    EE (soon to launch)

    1900 MHz not supported


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