A Car that looks GOOD at every angle!

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A couple of weeks ago I found a reason to use my Nikon D7000 to photograph quite an exquisite car! It was a Ferrari Italia 458 with Full carbon fiber interior, red seats.. Just Amazing (ما شاء الله ) . The car simply is a photographers dream, it was around 40 degrees, and the location wasn’t all that great, but it was an amazing car that was a pleasure to shoot!




Btw: This car is offered for sale! If you’re seriously interested please call 

+965 99099988 (just tell him we’re calling min 6araf Yousef). 

For more photos check out the thumbnails below: 


[shashin type=”photo” id=”15060,15059,15058,15056,15049,15051,15023,15050,15040,15041,15042,15043,15032,15031,15031,15030,15029,15025,15026,15027,15037,15036,15034,15044,15048,15055,15054,15053,15052,15047″ size=”small” columns=”3″ order=”user” position=”center” crop=”y”]



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