Exclusive Interview- “Crush IT” seminar coming soon to Kuwait !

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Gary Vaynerchuck is coming to Kuwait to make you Crush IT on your Blogs and small business projects!  .. yes yes social media freaks,  the godfather of social media is coming to K-town to cash in your passion and guide you to the right path , trust me you don’t want to be missing this !

Who made this happen and gave us this support because all they care about is ” SOCIAL MEDIA”!

The outspoken Mr Khalid Al Zanki and the Beautiful Hind Al Nahedh are the 2 stars that organized the event and made it happen (ya36eekom il 3afia) 😉

“Crush IT” event wil  be taking place at the end of October!

Why join this event? If you had a chance to view my previous post on Gary, you’ll know why!:P


If all these questions is related to you and goes through your head , then your in the right place and you surely will win your challenges in the social media field!

Do you have a business? Are you thinking of creating your business? How would you market your business online? What social media channels should you use and why you should use them. All these questions will be answered, as well as a 2-Hour Q&A session.

We sat with Khalid AlZanki, one of the organizers of this great event, here’s what he had to say:



What is “CRUSH IT”?

A one evening seminar that will help people learn how to get the most possible visibility out of using social media tools and any other tools that will get them better exposure in using the online platform.


What is the main concept behind ” CRUSH IT” ?

Focusing on people’s passion, and how to change it into something valuable, even when targeting a specific niche market.  Its an event where people will be inspired to gain knowledge, ideas, thoughts and tools to dominate in the online platform.


Who is Gary ?

Read our post here.



A lot of business and people started to focus on social media, some people want to do social media events, but there are no experts in the industry, or anyone that has actually done what they are preaching physically. Gary has utilized


Would it help us differentiate between social media “Experts”, companies and fakes ?

It would help you realize that these companies are doing absolutely nothing! Khalid’s advice that a company SHOULD NOT outsource social media, and should always do it internally and should be customer service oriented and not as a publishing or marketing tool only. Social media companies sometimes have no justifications on the prices they set for their packages. You do not need those companies to manage social media communications, and you should do these internally! If you have thousands of fans, or followers it does not mean you’re an expert or that you can do the same for any company.


Why Gary?

“Because I know, when people leave the seminar, they will be  inspired”.


A 2 Hour Q&A Session – This is to ensure that everyone is invovled in 2 -way communication.


Cost  ? Wait and see.. It is going to be within budget however- very , very limited spaces however.


THE BOOK IS NOT ENOUGH GUYS .. this is a one in a life time opportunity event of the year either your CRUSH it or Don’t 😉


Where should we go to get more information ? Who should we follow to get updates ? I want in, how ? read this :

To get more information about Crush it Seminar, speaker and activities; Here’s the link which includes almost everything: 


For more Questions and answers  on “Crush It’ from the concept of the book to the definition and why he called the book ” CRUSH IT” click {HERE}


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  1. I can’t wait, I watched the vids in your previous post and i like the concept the guy is all about. I’m definitely IN!

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