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Finally I had the chance to get myself an iPad 2! Now I need your help to tell me what Apps I should install and if there’s one better than the other.

These are the major ones that I currently have : Oplayer (Video Players), Twitter (Official app – is there anything better? ), Facebook (Official App), iKout, iSlash HD (I need to get more games), Download HD, Wunder Radio.

What I need : Good TV player app, High qualtiy games (Strategy games would be recommended), Any good apps for babies ?

What else do you recommend ? Your comments would be highly appreciated!

Enjoy the weekend 😀

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  1. I’ll add,

    Jenga HD (game)
    Bamboo Paper (note-taking/scribbling)
    Little Things (game)
    Zinio (magazines)
    Marvel comics
    Epicurious (cooking)
    VEVO HD (music)
    Flipboard (received app of the year award 2010)
    Cut the rope (game)
    Tiki Tokem HD (puzzle)
    Let’s Create Pottery hd (kids game)
    Battleheart (game)
    Reckless Racing HD (game)
    Monopoly HD (game)
    Time Geeks (HD)

    etc. ;p

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      Thanks Chuknum.. I was looking for games and I think you listed everything I need.. I’ll buy em and i’ll let you know what I think about them. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I will do you one thing better 😛 I will email you with a must-have list that I always have to have on my iPads! How about that hehe 😀

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