The Alfa Romeo 159 – True Italian Executive Automobile

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This car just Works! The Looks of the front headlamps staring straight at you, the sound of the exhaust is just an extreme experience. I had a chance to test drive the new Alfa Romeo 159, in the beggining i didn’t think it was going to be anything new and would be like all the other 4 door saloons of its size. The only word that could describe this car after the test drive was “Different”!


Everything about this car, the looks, the acceleration, the speed, the handling, just makes the driving experience surreal! I Enjoyed driving it, the acceleration and the sound of the exhaust is just breathtaking, I had the stereo off the whole time just to listen to the engine noise and the sound that was coming out of the exahust. If only the weather was better you woudl’ve found my head hanging out the window just listening to the sound it made! End of story its a great car, and will make an excellent daily driver.



The interior seats are very comfortable and hold you in place, even when your cornering at higher speeds, the grip of the car to ground is just amazing, you can bypass traffic as if your in a sports car, the acceleration was so good and with the traction you got from the all wheel drive it made you feel invinsible, especially on those roads where the guy in fornt of you is either on the phone or chasing another car. The gear ratios are different, the car tends to rev higher than other cars i’ve driven and stays on the gear longer, that might be a make or break point for some people but for me it made me feel i’m really driving, and on the edge.




One thing I really would’ve liked is a sleeker rear exterior, the front is amazing, the back in my perspective needs an upgrade. The only other thing that might be extra features such as and iPod kit and maybe a screen. But then the simplicity of this car is one of the major factors you’d love!




Who would drive this car  ? I would say Its a person who really wants to get the most of life, the person who would smile when he listens to the car starting up and that exhaust sound, the person who wouldn’t settle for an average car of a certain genre.



Some facts:

The Alfa Romeo 159 is a compact executive car produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo since 2005.

The 159 was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.



For More information contact the Alfa Romeo Dealer in Kuwait at :

Al Mulla & Behbehani Motor Co. W.L.L

Tel : +965 24764587 – AlRai Branch

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      Thanks! I totally agree.. The front end looks soo good. If only they gave it better rear end it would’ve looked awesome.

  1. Hey man, I just saw your review, too bad Alfa in Kuwait are not marketing their cars very well, I am a big alfa fan but it passed me when i was hunting for car! now with 159 discontinued i think their new models dont have this magic anymore, just small 4 cylinder turbo charged now, even though I would still consider owning an alfa

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      1. I have been waiting for them to release the Guilietta since last october! i have been annoying the salesman as i keep dropping by.
        I love how it looks even the Mito is a piece of beauty.. but if I am not mistaken they brought in the 1.4 turbo charged engine, and not the 2.0 or even the equally powerful 1.75 turbo charged, which is a real disappointment.
        I would be waiting on your review for it if you made one 😛

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          They’ve got both in the showroom, I passed by last week and it was there for only a couple of days. They only have 1 until now so I think it’ll be difficult to get one to review, however i’ll pass by this weekend and snap some shots. The other week we were actually going to photograph the Porsche 918, unfortunately we couldn’t since we were around 4 hours early to the opening and had engagements that evening. Thank’s for passing by ayman! i’ll make sure to share some more info on the Guilietta and Mito, you should check out the Alrai Showroom!

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