Zain vs Viva – 2:0 For Zain

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I didn’t know how to react the other day when I opened up Alrai News paper. It was hilarious. On the first page, Zain Launched the Samsung Galaxy S2, with three differnet offers as shown in the picture here (That’s 1:0):


If we move on to the Third page of the newspaper, you’d find Viva’s Ad (Full page) stating that their offer is exclusive (Thats 2:0 – Third page repeated news and exclusivity to a non-exclusive product)!

So we were wondering what was going on, especially that Viva were using the word “Exclusive”!  It turned out Viva signed an exclusivity contract with Samsung Kuwait’s Reseller, AlBabtain. Ofcourse since AlBabtain is only a reseller it wouldn’t stop other resellers from selling the devices to different carriers. At the end of the line its the same phone and you are getting a full year’s warranty from both the Telecom’s. Viva : from Albabtain, and Zain from Hatif 2000.  I really don’t know why Samsung didn’t go with Zain, as they would’ve had the largest exposure due to the number of showrooms and outlets in comparison to Viva. + Both phones are non-arabic versions, and Zain is offering a free arabic upgrade through hatif 2000 repair outlets.

The device would sell it self by itself its like a Toyota, it doesn’t need to be advertised, those into Android will go for it for sure, at least now its not exclusive to one carrier and Zain is apparently getting their act together, one success after another, first the iPhone last week and now the Samsung Galaxy S2, and the Sony Experia Play and the Motorola Defy, which we saw in their exhibition last month, whereas viva beat Zain with the iphone, but Zain hammered the prices and are selling it now for a really good price!

The war is on, and now its not only mobile services that will set apart carriers, its also  mobile devices, data caps and speeds. At the end of it, its better for us consumers in the end. Its easier for us to buy devices from carriers especially if we tend to change our devices each year 😛


Now some more stuff about the competition between the carriers:

Samsung Albabtain Defending their position with Viva, by repeatidly stating that the exclusivity is for Viva :


BoRashed backing up Viva by tweeting the link to the paper that posted the above ad ^

Viva is trying its best to justify that Zain shouldn’t have the device, but I believe they’re just doing it in the wrong way. Give us better offers instead. Its out, Its 100% legal.

Is that a lost penalty shot by Viva ? Was so close to become 2:1. Viva lost.


I would like to congratulate Zain on their good offers the past week, Viva should work on giving us some new devices and better offers I guess, at least without changing them a year down the line (Like the 2 GB data cap which they placed – nearly 3:0 for Zain here..)


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  1. viva en9admaw. this should not happen. cause elbab6ain promised to have it exclusive and now it’s not!! ya3ni viva paid extra for the exclusivity 3ala el6al.. and mohammed elbab6ain has a lot of explaining to do. 3ashan chethy shad 7ailah eBay twitter. hehe.

    posted by my Samsung galaxy s ii. ordered from handtec!

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      I Totally Agree.. That explains the amount of publicity justifying that Zain doesn’t have an Exclusive Device.. I really don’t think they should be handling it this way. Pointing Fingers will only make things worst, Or at least its what I think.

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      1. I ordered it while in US. It was free 1 day shipping. And I was really a one day shipping even though there was a storm in Memphis (it was mentioned on UPS website)

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  3. VIVA is asking childish in their actions with that advert they placed in the Newspaper on Friday stating that anyone else providing the mobile is unlicensed or unofficial and all that jazz.

    Samsung Galaxy S II was provided by Mobile 2000 before Al Babtain got a hand on it.. and we all know that Zain has a great relationship with Mobile 2000 along with other resellers. And Al Babtain is just a reseller, if they have an exclusive deal with Samsung themselves hence this whole issue is childish!

    Exclusivity is not as fancy as people think it is LOL! :s

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