Scoopatize your Day!

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One of the best place to go with your family and friends, very friendly atmosphere and best of all they also have some great gelato! I’m on a  diet and their frozen yogurt is just so goooooood and all fresh with no preservatives! My wife only has to say lets go to albairaq and you’ll find me getting changed in no time.

This is how the store looks like from the outside, my first impression was why all the pink :P, but they totally have something for everyone ! Food, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and Cool and warm beverages.



Click on  “ read more ” for more pics and info!

The staff are great and friendly and the atmosphere is great. Pass them by especially for desert after a meal or to cool off after the weather out there!


Here’s where to find them:

Scoop a Cone

Fahaheel AlKout Mall – 23930607

Bairaq Mall – 23824093

They also have a Gelato Kart for Birthdays BBqs and Weddings and corporate events. Nothing like the Gelato! So Give them a call

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