PART 1 : How to Receive Payments Online for small businesses in Kuwait!

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Ever wished you can get payments online straight to your back account in Kuwait? (Something like paypal which we can use) I’m sure it affects a lot of people out there, especially when it comes to collecting payments for you small home business. Today i’m showcasing the first business that allow you to charge for your small business via online payments through their Knet gateways

 1. Gotapnow


When my friend Nasser told me about it I remembered the annoying messages I kept getting to settle my phone bills, I never thought It was for small businesses. However I did check them out and subscribed to their services today :


Nice things about Gotapnow :

  • Nice modern interface
  • Very fast activation of business account
  • We have heard about it for mobile payments (people wont say what is this link or that it might be a scam)
  • Customization options in the personal area, will represent you more as a business, and this will make customer less reluctant to pay through the medium, as well as the option of adding inventory to your account which is another advantage.
  • Mobile Store option (you can add products and services)
  • Has sales analytic s and a customer’s view
  • You can use your balance to pay for other products and services
  • Their App can automatically calculate the delivery options based on the location.

Downsides :

  • Transaction fees are higher than their competitors ( in this case) in which they charged a fixed 100 fils per transaction + 4.45%, which is ok for small businesses i presume.
  • When editing the profile I was asked to enter the password in plain text, which is a big no-no security wise, might need to check up on some of the bugs there, however overall nice build quality of the app. Another issue when trying to update the profile photo when it says upload complete, but the photo is still not uploaded (apparently its not shown on the website).
  • Because its used for bulk message mobile payments, usually the emails you receive from gotapnow would be in your email’s SPAM folder which isn’t where you would like your customers to receive their invoices/payment claims.
  • Using the phone to photograph the Civil ID will result in an error and you have to take a photo of your ID and upload it to be able to subscribe to Gotapnow
  • i’m not sure how to say it, is it Got-Ap-Now, Go-Tap-Now ? ? ? Is it just me ??
  • Privacy, terms of service, support links are all not there.. Or at least I tried to find them but couldn’t.
  • Doesn’t mention how you can get your money back.
  • Requires some thorough documentation.

I’m still to receive my first payments through their app therefore i’ll add some more information when I get the payments done. Make sure to visit my humble online Vinyl decals business Decalz and #CustomizeYourLife.






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  1. They did a fraud on 40000 QAR with my company and now they are not entertaining my calls nor emails , i suggest people not to do any business with Tap.

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