The Battle of the Thermostats

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I have a problem with the AC that I have in my home in that the thermostat (the device that controls the AC) isn’t in the bedroom, now that’s good and bad as well, you see at night I kind of get temperature fluctuations, which means it either gets too cold or too hot and it just messes up my sleep and I end up having to wake up and change the temp. manually on the thermostat in the corridor of my house which is a good 20 steps away, by that time there’s a 50% chance that I can go back to sleep.

Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee Comparison


I was looking for a “Smart” thermostat that would solve the problem by me connecting to it remotely via my phone over wi-fi and controlling the temperature, i was inclined to buying NEST thermostat, but going through the reviews on I learned that a lot of people suffered from temperature fluctuations, i.e. in plain english the AC doesn’t turn off or on at 1 Degree or 0.5 Degree Increments/Decrements, it takes it a good +/- 2 to 3 degrees to get your AC to start or stop and that would mean it would get too cold or too warm which would make my problem even worse.

Nest and Honeywell, to keep it short going through the reviews, I learned that a couple of people replaced their NEST to a more sensitive Honeywell, the disadvantages of the Honeywell was that it didn’t have a proximity sensor (which the nest has) and the screen would remain on virtually as long as its connected to a power supply, and their installation instructions were a bit vague to me!

Nest beats all the companies hands down when it comes to providing a compatibility chart and ease of installation, but i’m not that bad withe electronics and i’d be ok installing all three at my home. So by this time nest was out of the comparison (due to insensitivity), and while I was about to purchase the Honeywell, I saw the Ecobee3 (ok the name for me was new, and the logo not so techy enough for me) but they had the perfect solution to my problem! Their thermostats have 2 sensors – one remote sensor and one on the thermostat itself (or more if you buy them), and you can set your AC to work depending on which sensor you choose for yourself! I.e. I can have a sensor that would sense the temperature in the bedroom and it would fix the high temperature variances that I get due to being furthest away from the thermostat, now all of them can learn your habits, and all of them have different perks, but my buying point in this case and with no hesitation was the wireless temperature sensor! Got it off Amazon for $249.99 and about $17 of Tax, and shipping would be around $65 via myus, and I should get it theoretically by Sunday, i’ll do the installation and right up the experience a couple of days later!


Here’s the link to the Ecobee3 Thermostat on Amazon.

BTW both the Nest and Honeywell are offered at Xcite, but they are a little overpriced (at 99 KD).

Update:  Here’s an installer’s insight on the Ecobee3 and an unboxing and installation.

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