The 10-Port Charge Everything Charger

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I’ve tried all sorts of chargers for my Gadgets, but finally settled on something very basic yet more comfortable to use than any other charger I’ve used so far. 

The 10-Port USB charger, I found this while browsing around at, I bought one for 7.5 KD, and then chose to buy another 2 one for home and the other for my home office. 

  • I currently have I-Dapt chargers everywhere, but they lack in 2 major areas : 
  • I have the i-dapt – 3 which has two top sockets and one USB cable entry – Which means you’re limited to the amount of devices you can charge simultaneously. 

To put your device on charge, means you can’t use it while it is charging and its sometimes difficult to install your phone on the adapter (especially MicroUSB sockets), and even more when its next to you on the night stand and you can’t see because its dark!

Having socket USB chargers work fine, but then again your phone will be further away from you and you wont be able to comfortably use it, with the 10-port charger, you simply have that near you and then you can charge all your gadgets and have them all charge at the same time, not sacrificing one on another!

The 10-port charger from blink, has 8 USB 1 Amp Chargers and 2 2.1 Amp chargers (for Ipads and large tablets). 

What more can you ask for ? It also has very clear indicator lights to show that everything is running smooth, would be nice if the indicator would tell you if your device is fully charged or not! I’ve been using it for a week now and I couldn’t be happier, I don’t need to sacrifice a device from charging I can charge them all, and leave the i-dapt if I ran out of charging cables .

The only downside is that you need cables and in an office environment, charging cables can go missing pretty fast!

10 port carger 10Pport1

Even better, the price dropped from 7.5 to 3.7 KD! why wait when you can buuuuuuuy ! 



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