Maid + Driver Does NOT equal Mom + Dad!

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It’s very unfortunate here that we sometimes have a blind trust in the people we hire to take care of our young ones, sometimes these people are uneducated and wouldn’t know what would be considered dangerous, and sometimes they just don’t care!

This morning I was dropping off my son to his school, where I spotted a small car with 2 maids and around 3 children, all children had half their bodies out the window, the oldest child which wouldn’t be older than about 7 years old ran outside the car and onto the pavement, and went back into the car. OK it was a red signal but no one should step out of a vehicle when waiting for a red light, let alone a small child. The other children where either standing or dangling their hands from the window when the car was moving and the “adults”  in the car didn’t seem they cared about their safety!

A message to all mums and dads, it might be that you have to go to work early or can’t drop your kids off to school yourself, the least you can do is install an inside the car cam, or a car cam that would record both the driver’s driving and the passengers at the same time. Even if the driver wasn’t reckless a lot of other people on the road are, and its very dangerous.

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  1. جان زي راد السالفه على التوصيل الى ومن المدرسه .. الحين الخدم و السواق ياخذون اليهال الى النادي و يطلعون يعشونهم و احيانا يسووقونهم بعد .

    شي مؤسف والله

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