OBLIQ The new name in mobile protection

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I was browsing arround in Amazon looking for a replacement to my Spigen cover after it broke in the hands of my little ones.  I ordered a Spigen Slim Armor for my wife.


But i decided on trying an alternative,  thats when I found Obliq.  It costs 9.99 and unlike many covers out there its actually made in Korea.  Its very sturdy and strong and protects the front back and sides of the phone pretty well.  The only downside of the case is that its difficult to remove the phone from the case onve installed and i had to push it out from the camera hole to get it out.
One extra advantage of the obliq is that it comes with a screen protector sticker,  however i havent tried it since i have a spigen glass Tr screen protector on my phone,  which fits perfectly with the obliq cover.

Here are the photos of the Obliq cover:



Here’s what you get inside the package : 

The case, screen protector and application card and manual for the protector. 






This is what the inside of the case looks like, one note to point out here is the good spacing for the camera and flash, without blocking and limiting the flash brightness. 



Here’s a close up of the case’s packaging, which outlines all the features of the case :



Overall i would recommend this case if you wouldn’t mind carrying the extra size, believe me its really worth it especially after having to replace the Samsung’s screen once already. 

If you are interested in the case, here’s the link to the item in Amazon, they have pretty much all the major phone’s covered.

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