How Much Can your Spigen Glass Protection take?

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I’ve seen the commercials, but didn’t want to try anything on my Spigen GlassTr so I wont scratch it. If you remember my older post which talks about adding 2 spigen products to my phone, one of the products, the glass screen protector broke when the phone hit hard concrete after a 1.7 m. drop. So i decided to try and scratch the spigen with everyday tools. Watch the following video!

In case you are interested in getting one, check out

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  1. Thanks for the quick review. Wonder if you tried the nano edition from them or you have any info that you can share with us.

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      No I haven’t tried the nano edition :/ I think they only have it for the iphone 5, will do a review if I get my hands on one ;P. I actually tried to cut the broken one i have but I wasn’t very luck lol. I’ll try to use glass cutting tool and see what happens.

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