My message to Lulu Exchange!

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Every month I have to pass by a money exchnage store so that i would transfer money for my maid maid’s to her family. I usually visit the least crowded money exchange stores and at specific location there were three next to each other. This month I was so shocked and disgusted by the experience i received I had to walk out immediately.

I really wish my post reaches the executives at LuLu exchange so that they would rectify this and really confirm their mission and vision.



lulu exchange


After reading their mission and vision, Here’s what happened:

I walked in the store, the agent looked up, didn’t even greet or look interested to serve me. “Yes??” He yelled from behind the counter, i told him I wanted to transfer money to the Philippines and it was a bank transfer, “Which bank??” Oro bank I replied. “Ok, take form and fill” i grabbed the form and a pen, “no no ” he yelled “take go last counter” pointing at a pen sitting on an empty counter, “not this pen, go there fill form and come” i was so shocked at his rude approach, no matter what country you come from you should be treated with more respect. Had it happened to someone else that guy would’ve been pulled out of the counter and a huge situation would’ve occurred. I simply walked out as I am not the type of person that will boast and burst out at anyone. But it was clear to me that that specific agent wasn’t interested in serving anyone that wasn’t from his same ethnic group with respect, as he didn’t do the same with the indian customer that walked in behind me, had i wore a dishdasha and went in i might have been treated differently, but you should treat your customers like that period no matter what they looked like or where they are from! Not when your vision and mission state customer experience and satisfaction.

I work in a Customer Experience field and what happened today kills your customer experience and would turn potential customers into brand detractors. If anyone would ask me about Lulu exchange i would mention the poor experience I had and how their agents treated their customers. I would sincerely hope that you work on your customer experience. For me, it might be the last time I choose to transact anything with Lulu exchange, but i sincerely hope no one customer is ever treated like that. I would also like to tell customers to speak out, I’m sure if the related managers knew about this issue they would’ve worked to rectify this, they have to work on customer experience processes to enhance the satisfaction, and customer satisfaction has to be measured.

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