Ribs and Rumps – The Shallow Review

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To be honest I wasn’t 100% ready to visit one of the new restaurants in town, It was 6.30 I’ve just finished eating lunch and remember that I have a restaurant review that I have to go to, therefore my review will basically focus on the environment and only the two dishes that I was able to try.

The Ribs and Rumps Experience :

Outside you’re greeted by the huge Ribs and Rumps signage in red and a glimpse of the interior.

Inside the ground floor consists of seating areas overlooking the Chefs and kitchen and going up the stairs you can’t but notice the artistic touches that set the place apart.


The design alone sets up a nice mood and opens up your appetite.

I was there with my 3 yr old son, it was difficult to find something to eat for his age, well he loved the fries, the burgers were a little too big for him. The waiting time for the food to arrive was a little too long, maybe it was opening night and it was a little crowded, but we kinda grew impatient and my son was telling me to leave hehe. The environment isn’t really child friendly  – nothing really caught his attention + a couple of smokers that sat behind me really messed up my evening so maybe designated smoking areas should be at least announced – especially when you’d have a child with you :/

The food

As I said earlier I already had lunch just an hour earlier and I was looking for something light, the waiter suggested a wrap which I can’t recall the name of right now, it was ok, light  but I felt it was a little too rare for my liking and I would’ve preferred a richer flavor in the meat.

This is the burger I was telling you about, the taste was awesome, it made me feel I should’ve ordered something different than the wraps altogether, the burger shouts I got flavor, the taste was beautiful (little too much onions) but it was sweet – I’d recommend their burgers any day:

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  1. I definitely want to try this but I figure I’ll try the ribs or rumps since it is obviously their speciality, the chips/fries look nice – they look similar to Junkyard’s fries which I LOVE, not too oily, just the right texture! How were the prices?

    1. Post

      To be honest I don’t know :/ I kinda didn’t look in the menu.. My son y3goub was playing around with the salt and pepper shakers + napkins.. + waiter never really brought the menu :/ LOL.. I know.. never taking my kids “alone” to restaurant reviews.. no concentration what so ever hehe..

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